Your Name


 I am sitting dumb and numb, with a blank paper before me, just your name written  on it. Staring at your name. The life seems confined in it.  It seems like a confused poem, or words, are stuck, want to come out, but can’t set on the paper, floating in the air like stars or butterflies.  I am looking at your name written on the paper and thinking the poem has completed, there will be no better poem than this.

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  • Thanks Onee. Good to see you after a long time.

  • Undescribable feeling. :)

    I like it, Sir.

  • I hope so. Thanks

  • Glosky

    I hope now your is at ease how to express your feeling even when they are stuck.


  • Hi mishaikh. Its been a long time. I can feel what you are feeling when you wrote this piece. It happened to me, staring at the name of my beloved but i cant write what my heart is saying at that moment. Seems like the world stopped and only my heart is pumping and aching and the same time. 

  • What do you think usrariasat ?

  • Is it real feelings or just your imaginatios?

    by the way as always good piece of writing.

  • @saba Yes indeed. Thanks for your time to visit me.  It has always been a pleasure to see you around.

    MyEnglishClub (MyEC), your page in English

    Nice poem and nice comments.

  • Thanks @Elf Noor. It is good to see you after a long time. 

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