Writing Challenge: #Gardening Goals (My Messy Garden)

Do you like pretty things? How about a scenic view in the comfort of your own home? Who doesn’t like nature- the plants, trees, as well as its fresh scent they bring to our surrounding?

One of my goals for 2017 is to improve my garden. I’d like to be a green finger again. For the past years I’ve neglected it and wasn’t able to have a concrete plan on how to make the plants grow prolifically. I usually planted them everywhere without the idea if the soil and space were good enough for the plants to grow and nurture.

There are times that I was impatient to remove those filthy snails and slugs that lurking in my backyard. In addition, little birds and grasshoppers always stole the fruits and ate the entire plants even before they reached maturity. They were thorns in my side (problems that keep annoying you).

It’s funny that I’ve decided to write this blog as a reminder to myself, that there’s still hope even though there were super typhoons which hit and damaged my garden in the past years. Every day is a new beginning, isn’t it? I ought to believe in myself that there’s a possibility to make this garden bloom again. Better yet, to bring back its vibrancy.

How about those aphids? They like to pretend cute stardust, but they’re pests. I hope I would be able to manage them patiently as long as I allot more time to eliminate them completely. I should really learn to nip them in the bud before they strike again. Gardening goals, remember?

To make these goals working however, I started making compost and recycling food scraps. It’s one way of doing my fair share to the environment. Ideally, it’s an inexpensive way of making natural fertilizers! Gardening should be fun, right? Not a shake in the leaf (to feel anxious or nervous). There are times weeding wasn’t enjoyable so as cleaning the whole backyard. But I realized it’s a part of gardening and a cheap form of exercise. It helps our minds to clear things off from the stress brought by the negative news.

Now, I should get back to my garden before this blog becomes a lengthy one. Besides, I should really get my hands dirty to make my goals work. I hope this idea will come up roses (to be successful or positive in something) before another year ends. Wish me luck!

How about you? What are the common dilemmas you’ve encountered during gardening? Kindly join this challenge and share what your garden looks like along with the tips and tricks about managing it wisely. Looking forward to seeing your participation to this month’s writing challenge.

Happy gardening!

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  • Dear Robbie, as always you wrote a very nice blog using so many useful words and proverbs; I really enjoyed reading it. A few years ago that we were living in a house with a small yard my husband planted a fig tree and jasmine flower. I think he also has green fingers; those two plants grew so well and beautiful that i couldn't believe my eyes. We moved to an apartment now we don't have a garden of our own, but there is an amazing garden near our flat that has its own gardener. Anyway I wish you the best of luck and dont forget to share the picture of your garden after you enhance it. Thanks for sharing your nice post.

  • Wish you luck, dear Robbie.

    Please be patient and don't be too harsh to those cute animals. ^^ :D

    Thanks for writing useful blog always. ^^

  • Der Robbie, It seems you kept your garden on its own way. Some times very tidy garden look artificial. Your garden look natural. I like it. Our garden too not very tidy. Thank you for those words in bold. I learned some new words today. I like pick up our own fruits. Back home we got papaya and plantain too in our garden, here we got some fruits trees too. I will post it in my blog.

    Thanks for sharing dear Robbie!

    Well Done!

  • Kuya Rob, your picture looks like our backyard, haha! That papaya tree, banana tree and I'm not sure if this close plant is Sambong or another kind of Mango tree. So sad, I'm unable to participate, but in case my Sister could take some photo of our garden and send me some, that would be a great opportunity to show some Bulakenya ambiance here. Anyway, hope you don't crush those snails, no please! hahaha! :) Happy gardening po! :)

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