The art of listening

We normally think that speaking is an art. A person must be so adept and skillful in order to hold his or her audiences spellbound. Apart from having good information about the topic, one must know how to deliver a moving or a powerful speech.  How about listening? Have you ever thought that listening is also an art too?

A speech would be more efficient and effective, if it had listeners who were attentive. A lot of problems in communicating and also a lot of misunderstandings are due to either not knowing how to speak or not listening well. If we could listen carefully, we would have better understanding. So in order to build a better relation we should learn how to speak and how to listen as well, because no matter how nice we talk if people do not listen well, it would be of no use.

If we listen to a person with all the stereotypes and backgrounds that we have in our mind, in fact we are partly listening to that person. So at the end we will jump to a conclusion that is not authentic and reliable; it will even create more misunderstandings than before.

So in order to boost the relationships between people, to understand better and to have a better world we need to learn how to listen carefully and attentively. 

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  • Dear Onee, thanks for your nice comment.
  • Listening is not as easy as we think, it requires a great deal of concentration and patience, some people don't have the patience to listen to others at all.

  • Hi , very Useful blog ....i really experienced .i do listen more from my students by that way i learned a lot .we can get more benefit fromlistening.not only problem.we do get more information even from a mentally ill person to little baby .you have described above very clearly .thanks :)
  • Really good topic setareh :)

    Your blog reminded me this quote:


    I've seen this problem happening so many times... 


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  • Hi Setareh, 

    Nice topic as always. We have two ears and one mouth, these mean we should listen more than talking. It is not easy for us as a women who are talkative than a men :D

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  • Hi again, setareh. :)

    As a teacher, I should listen to my pupils and understand them very well, so they can listen to me otherwise. :) Indeed, we need to be a well listener. :)
  • Sorry to butt in on you, dear, but I just wanted to share this; you are correct. Listening IS truly an art.


  • Dear Mishaikh, last night I was listening to a policeman who was in charge of suicide part. He recalled that once he was informed that there was a guy on San Francisco bridge who wanted to commit suicide. He went there and listened to guy for an hour and half then he accepted to come back and give life another chance. The police officer asked him what made him change his mind; he replied because you listened to me.
  • I agree with you but I have one problem if you have very good skill of speaking and you have not deep knowledge and must of information then your skill is not useful ? what do you think about it


  • Absolutely true, setareh. "Listening well needs patience." I like your exposition paragraph. Explained very well. I love your colorful profile picture, too. ^_^

    Thank you for sharing.
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