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I believe tears that reveal in your eyes because of sadness from your love, finally will help you to finish your love get rid of your heart from love...

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  • Venus,

    This is how I look at it; Tears are natures "gift" given to humans and as SNR expressed in their comment, we cry for many different reasons, it can be sadness or it can be happiness.

    When sorrows get unbearable and turns into pain, then it is when tears flow, it is natures way to wash out our sorrow and make us feel relieved and sometimes to protect us from a mental breakdown.

    Sometimes it is what needed to make us look differently upon a certain situation.

    Very well Venus - Keep it up.
  • I do agree my friends with your great comments

    Tears aren't only for Love

    Tears are the way to explain how we feel silently when words fail to...

    yes tears help more women instead of men

    Tears are very good...
    Love never finish...

  • venus. tears can express your feelings. To reveal your happiness (touched by someone or something) instead of sadness :)

  • Hi Venus, why do we need to get rid of love... I don't think we can. It will just fade. :))
  • Love never finish. ......
  • Tears are the way to explain how we feel silently when words fail to...

  • Yes, it is true, Venus! Even scientists have pruved that it has positive effect on the humans body. But you know, males don't using such things so often like females:)

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