Plastic Surgery.

Hi everyone. 

I am starting my first entry with a very particular topic that is increasing in my country, Venezuela,nowadays. 

It seems that being naturally beautiful is not enough. The society ( Magazines, models, T.V, movies and some others) is telling us that we need to go through changes so that we can be accepted in this probably fake circle, which everybody is trying to be someone else. What do you think?

On the other hand, I just noticed that having some extra pounds or kilograms of weight is a sin and it is even banned. Being skinny is beautiful, though Why? Psychological speaking, being accepted is what everybody wants (obvious) but at what prize? Is it necessary going through a surgery, having new breast, nose, stomach ( unless you have had a baby and want to remove that extra skin) and perfecting your body in order to be liked by others?

I just see young ladies are very fond of surgeries , wasting and spending their money ( or their parents')  on surgeries but not for college, studies, a nice house or even a nice trip abroad. why? 

When I was 18 years old ( I'm 25 years old, now) I wanted to have breast augmentation, but, Was it going to be worthy? Was it going to raise my self-esteem? What for? No way. I changed my mind. I kept on studying and being beautiful just how I am like. (I'm graduated as a Teacher of English, now).

I just think plastic surgery has got a "cosmetic" connotation rather than a corrective one. Yes. If you have gone through breast cancer, you have been burn or had an accident, you MUST have a plastic/corrective surgery, of course and I agree with it, but... having it to be liked/loved/accepted/ by others? Or just because you have low self-esteem?

And you? What do you think?

Oriana Díaz. 


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  • Does one's appearance really matter?

    Men seem to be attracted to beautiful women. I wonder if women are attracted to handsome men? Many women find men who have power or money attractive. That's why more women are "under the knife" than men. I heard Korean women are more likely to have the surgery. .

  • Dear Moclan : Yes, beauty comes from the inside. 

  • Dear Zakiah Ulfah : I know what you mean. I live in a country which it has 6 Miss Universe, several Miss World and other international pageants. So, imagine how hard it is being a little bit "heavy" or not even having breast surgery. You must have perfect hair and perfect make up. Nice shoes, bags and so on. Is it worthy?  What happens if I don't want to wear make up today or high heel shoes? That's why I say I understand with you mean...perfectly. 

    Dear Tara: I have seen those skinny models and I don't like them at all. They even look so ill and anorexic. As you, I don't like giving explanation to everything: If I am fat , I have to explain why I am fat... but If I am skinny I have to explain (again) the reasons. In conclusion: no matter what you do, the society won't ever be satisfied with you , so as a result, you won't either (for some people, unfortunately) .

  • outlook beauty is the short beauty,it doesnt last long with ur age,the beauty of ur soul and ur heart is the real beauty and this beauty is eternal!

  • Great topic! Being skinny is not always considered beautiful. Many people look down at women who are very thin. Personally I lost a lot of weight after having children, and many people thought I was ill. It's frustrating to have to tell people over and over that you are eating enough, and that you aren't trying to be thin. Some people are just thin by nature, and it is tough to put on weight!

  • Thanks for your suggestion! I will tell her ,but I am still very worried about her. Thanks again!
  • I agree with you, dear Hardi. 

    Dear Piaopiaocike: Does your friend have a good personality?. Beauty comes from the inside. I hope your friend improve her personality so that she can find her better-half. 

  • In my opinion should varies from person to person. I known a girl, She can not find a boyfriend even can not get married because of her looks.
  • You're right. I actually don't understand why women want to have larger breasts. I'm a man, so there's no way I could understand. I might understand why men might prefer a woman with large breasts, but...

    There should be better ways to improve own self esteem. I think there must be some ways of training own confidence.Well, to be fair. It's not just women, there are some stupid men too, who want some certain things to be bigger, and they do surgery or buy weird products, that promise various improvements for their physical appearance... Seems so stupid.
    To be popular, you have to be rich, or good looking, or better rich and good looking. But would that really be enough. At least I don't think so. When I really like some person. It's something else.. something that makes me call that person cool. Of course I don't deny that the look is important. Obviously I like sexy young girls more than ugly old hags. :P But if there's a cool hag and a average not so cool hag with fake breasts. I like the cool hag. But the one with fakes, I won't like at all... :D


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