Never Give Up Part II

        In connection of my previous blog , I would like to share you one of my life success in the aftermath of positivity at the crucial stage of the match.  I even can’t recall every moment in the match to my memory, but last two over which means 12 deliveries and we require 40 run. I was playing as guest player on the request of my friend. My job was just to bowl. We lost 5th wickets. Before, losing the 6th wicket, the team lost the hope to win the match as they believed there was no regular batsman left who could chase the scores, whereas, on the other hand I kept stirring up my friend and other teammates and making them believe we could win the match. They responded me with a ridiculous smile. My friend asked if you would score 40 run in 12 deliveries. I said, “yes your brother I mean I will do it!” While we were having arguments, 6th wicket also fell, I angrily took the bat and began walking toward the pitch.

        The bowler who took 3 wickets in his first over was standing at his run-up and ready to bowl me. I hit four sixes on straight in his first four balls consecutively. The teammates who began leaving the ground turned back. I took single in last ball so that I could face the first ball of next over. I played according to my plan as there was a big gap in fine leg area. I slightly came on off-side and hit fine leg where I got four run. In a nutshell, I alone completed required score even before one ball. Finally we won the match. While I was coming back to pavilion, all the teammates, including my friend began shouting and cheering up.  Being optimist is not the matter of winning but preserving our self honour, respect and dignity. When you care for your respect and dignity, it is hard to lose or give up in the middle of the game or any exam of life. 

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  • @Enchanted Prince, it's so kind of you to pass comment on my blog. I feel great 

  •  The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell ... 

    Nice blog. keep writing 


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