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Never Give Up Part II

        In connection of my previous blog , I would like to share you one of my life success in the aftermath of positivity at the crucial stage of the match.  I even can’t recall every moment in the match to my memory, but last two over which means 12 deliveries and we require 40 run. I was playing as guest player on the request of my friend. My job was just to bowl. We lost 5th wickets. Before, losing the 6th wicket, the team lost the hope to win the match as they believed there was no regular

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The First Principle For Success: Never Give Up

        When you read the biography of successful people, be it educationalists, bureaucrats, politicians, scientists etc, you may find many stories of their  unresting exertion with consistency despite experiencing ups and downs on the way to their destination or achievement of their dreams. The constant adherence to the dream plan and strategy is the result of being optimist even when others are hoping against the hope. Whereas, pessimism leads the dreamer to abandonment of the endeavor and ma

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