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New normal for sports

Have just finished watching a baseball game, on TV of course. What's strange is that there was no fans for safety reason. Players have handled it well. They managed to play game at the expected level. As reported, quite a few cameras have been placed to broadcast game from many different angles. Sound effect like cheering, victory music etc have been added as well. Silver lining of the new way of playing game is that fans could save a lot ticket money.  

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Memories play an important role in our life, which was lessons, feelings, accidents, etc in many fields as a sport, study, daily life.

Memories make you happy or sad when you remember it.

If you ask me, I will never forget a football match in high school. The best memory I will keep it my whole life which taught me never give up, the biggest opponent is yourself, you must better and better every day. Below is my story:

In June 2014,

I was a defender in my high school's soccer team. That year, we had

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Never Give Up Part II

        In connection of my previous blog , I would like to share you one of my life success in the aftermath of positivity at the crucial stage of the match.  I even can’t recall every moment in the match to my memory, but last two over which means 12 deliveries and we require 40 run. I was playing as guest player on the request of my friend. My job was just to bowl. We lost 5th wickets. Before, losing the 6th wicket, the team lost the hope to win the match as they believed there was no regular

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        When you read the biography of successful people, be it educationalists, bureaucrats, politicians, scientists etc, you may find many stories of their  unresting exertion with consistency despite experiencing ups and downs on the way to their destination or achievement of their dreams. The constant adherence to the dream plan and strategy is the result of being optimist even when others are hoping against the hope. Whereas, pessimism leads the dreamer to abandonment of the endeavor and ma

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        I started cricket at the age of twelve and was first time selected for School Cricket Team at the age of thirteen as a left-arm orthodox spin bolwer. My first coach was a school teacher who was also the president of forty clubs and an old  friend of former cricketer of Pakistan Cricket team, Sir Hanif Muhammad . My coach asked me to play for his club named PIB (Pir Ilahi Bukhsh) sport and PIB Talent.  I played a dozen of time against other clubs, but it was first time I was playing agais

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Let's Talk Something About Cricket


What  is Cricket ?

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game having eleven players of both sides. One is bating side and other is blowling. They rotate their inings / turn. The battiing side, after seting scores on board, gives chance to the bowling side to bat and restruct them from chasing the scores.  They toss a coin in the air and whoever wins the toss  chooses to bat first or bowl in view of condition of pitch and atmosphere.  I played hockey and football too, but I found cricket more  stylish game i

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