New Year is around the corner and some people have already started thinking, if this year was beneficial or not, if they are satisfied with what they achieved, planned etc. In fact, we usually end up with the same conclusions such as… many things suck, we can't change anything, we are just somewhere stuck and then …. we become depressed, right? :-D

Anyway, there are few things we can work on, few little things that can make us happier and calm. Here is my little list of the tips, I find important at least for myself, decided to follow them and would like to share them with you:

1. C h a n g e

If you want to change yourself, fistly please be sure, you really want it and your INNER EGO is telling you to do it. In case you want to change yourself for others, just to please them, I can assure you it isn't good idea at all. We live our life, not life of others and only wishes about our changes that comes from our heart are these we should follow…

2. H o n e s t y

To be honest is not easy at all because at times you might hurt people with your sincerity but on the other hand, you don't feel stresed because you don't hide things inside of you, which could cause you some health and psychological problems. Everything is about the way we can tell the things others and this is the art we should learn.

3. E n t h u s i a s m

Stay tuned and feel like everything you do, has some sense, don't lose your hope. Instead of it show others that you won't ever give up. Try to live your life on maximum, so that you wouldn't regret. Don't just passively watch it from the window…

4. E d u c a t i o n

Be active and learn new things. Education isn't just about studying at school, we should educate ourself the whole life and keep our brains active, learn new things not to suffer one day from dementia. You can come across new hobbie that might be related to education and oh yeahhhh – ENGLISH learning is our journey, guys, so don't forget to brush up your knowledge :-)

5. R e s p o n s i b i l i t y

One of the main important things. Who wants to be a friend of irresponsible person? I bet none of you :) If you promise something, do your best to follow it, no matter how hard it is. I think responsibility is related to respect and if we lack respect towards others, then we lose ability to be reponsible. What do you think?

6. S m i l e

If possible, keep your positive mood, don't get down because of little things. Try to make fun of yourself even in if you failed. Sense of humour is in my opinion very essential, can spice up our life and make it awesome!

I hope, at least one of the letters of my word CHEERS was important for you and motivated you little bit. Now let me say few last words, my friends..

Thank you for tolerating my unbearable personality here on My EC :D

Thank you for being around and cheering me up...

Thank you for your opinions, views, which made me a bit wiser...

Thank you for participating in my challenges...

Thank you for making me happy with your comments on my blogs and photos...

Thank you for supporting me and for making my bad days brighter…

I wish you all the best in upcoming year 2017,

especially to be healthy, to keep smile on your face

and to make this year as much prosperous as you can...

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  • Awesome blog dear luci...
    Happy New Year..:)

    Wish you a Happy Life..
    Stay blessed..
  • Cool "High Resolutions", thanks for sharing Luci! 

    I'm a lazy ass for this kind of stuff so, if you don't mind, instead of making my own list of things to focus on this new year, I'll take your list in mind as if it was mine hahaha... Please, don't charge me a fee for copyrights, remember how much you love your silly 'catwoman' friend! XD

    Thanks to you and your "unbearable personality" (the one I love!) for being around and making this site so alive. EC should thank you a lot for that ;)


  • What an awesome resolution! Wish you all the best! :)

  • Wow! dear luci, thanks for sharing your awesome thoughts here with us; i really love reading your posts. When i was 32 I started to learn English while some told me that if I didnt think it was a bit late. I proved them wrong and i am so happy for that, so I do believe that the moment we stop learning we are dead. Again thanks for your nice wishes. I wish you and your lovely family a year full of prosperity, happiness and health.

  • Hi Luci,

    Thank you dear for your nice post, all your tips are helpful for me, most importantly “honesty”.

  • AG,
    thanx a lot, my friend!!! WISH YOU THE BESTEST OF THE BEST! :)
  • Arif,

    Haha good luck with God's blessing or ehmmm hard work of workers that work on it :D
  • Danny, I dreaming? :D such a nice comment omg thanx a lot!!! I am also happy to have a friend like you here because we have same views and opinions on some "hot" topics :D Looking forward to seeing you around this year! :)
  • I wish you the best and more, dear Luci :) 

  • You mean if I live in my home. I meant we gonna shift to a bigger home by the end of February, if God willing!
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