My first trip abroad- Russia.

Dear friends , 

Let me use this few lines to express my current happiness. 

Due to the fact that I come from a very very humble family, when I was child I never expected to travel abroad. Actually, I didn't even imagine I could get on a plane. It wasn't my first time travelling by  plane but an International trip? Never, and Russia? WOW 

Yes, finally, after saving money, making lots of sacrifices,  trying to tight my  belt, wearing the same clothes during the whole year, and so on , I could pay my trip and here I am: LIVING MY DREAM.... I AM TRAVELLING ABROAD...  

I went to Saint Petersbugr first and now I am staying in a city called Veliky Novgorod. It is amazing. 

I couldn't be happier =) 

PS: By the way, my trip lasted 17 hours, I first had to land in Frankfurt (Germany) for four hours and then more two hours to Saint Petersburg =) 

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  • One place I've never been. It looks like fun.

  • Amen!!!! 

  • lucky , i wish you to visit all the world .

  • Thank you so much for your kind words. 

    Veliky Novgorod is such a historical place. Everywhere I go there is something with history. I am so amazed about it. 

    Saint Petersburg was so cold when I arrived . I was going to die, hahaha but so far so good. Thank God my friends have been such amazing hosts. 

    I am so glad that Russia is the first country I am visiting abroad (even when I had to land in Germany first).- 

  • Hello, Oriani!

    What great news! You're in Russia! And you're so excited about it! You know I'm surprised a little bit why you have chosen Russia for your first trip abroad. But I'm very glad that you're enjoying your stay there. You've visited St. Petersburg! In my opinion it's the most beautiful city in Russia. You've made the right choice. I visited it several times and I like it a lot! But I've never been to Veliky Novgorod. It's an ancient city, a historical city, it's closely connected with different important events from the history of Russia. You're lucky, Oriani, to have a chance to visit it. Wish you exciting impressions and fun!

  • I wish I can be there with you, my beautiful Teacher.

    OK. Just send me some snow. I never see snow in real. :)

    Have a good trip.

    See you soon.

  • I am so happy for you. :) Have the happiest moment!

  • Wow, Oriani! Congratulations!

    Have a wonderful stay there.

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