mass murder (3)

I feel that mass murder has been increasing recently, especially in the U.S. I often hear we must take measures against it such as gun control, mental health care, prohibiting violent movies and video games and so on. However, they seem not to be working so far. Even if we have strict gun control, murderers can kill many people in other ways. On the other day in Japan, a murderer killed 35 people by setting fire to some spread out gasoline. It is impossible to notice and treat the mental illness

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Does society create mass murders?

I discussed mass murder with a woman a few days ago. She said that society is also responsible for mass murders. However, I don't like this opinion. Of course, there are various problems in all countries, but there isn't any excuse that would support the ideas that we allow mass murder. She seemed to shift the responsibility of mass murderers to society, as if to say "Society creates mass murderers."

There are many people who live without committing a serious crime in the same society, even if th

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I have mixed feelings about a mass murderer's recovery

In Japan, thirty five people were killed by a man about a month ago. He broke into a famous animation studio, spread gasoline there, and lit it on fire. He was also seriously hurt, but seems to be recovering in a hospital. I have mixed feelings about his recovery. Of course, the details of this tragedy must be revealed in court with his testimony, but he will be surely condemned to death because he took so many people's lives. I wonder if it is reasonable to spend much money and time on the murd

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