I have mixed feelings about a mass murderer's recovery

In Japan, thirty five people were killed by a man about a month ago. He broke into a famous animation studio, spread gasoline there, and lit it on fire. He was also seriously hurt, but seems to be recovering in a hospital. I have mixed feelings about his recovery. Of course, the details of this tragedy must be revealed in court with his testimony, but he will be surely condemned to death because he took so many people's lives. I wonder if it is reasonable to spend much money and time on the murderer. He took not only their lives but also good animation creators, and original pictures of some popular animations as well.

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  • i am sad.. because the studios create lots of good anime.. all those creative ppl T_T  RIP

    • Hi, Fuzzy. Thank you for your comment. I knew that you are an anime fan. Many anime fans feel as sad as you.

  • Hi Tam, thanks for sharing the story and open such debate. I'm not for death penalty although I should add that if I'd had a close person injured or victim of any event like this not sure if I had same opinion. I guess I have not a strong conviction for this matter.

    • Hi, Estanis. Thank you for your comment. Yes, in fact, we are not sure of what we will think about that until we actually encoumter this situation as a victim's family.

  • It is the judicial system prevailing in almost all civilized society to try each and every person based upon the witnesses, though sometimes the circumstances for the judicial trial are obvious.  Anyway law adopt its own way.  In the case you have mentioned the crime and the criminal is bright clear, but even the criminal still have the right to trial.  You may mean that why the convict is provided with all medical curing facilities.  Let me explain, suppose there is criminal who has been proved guilty and sentenced to death.  Suppose he falls sick before the implication of the death penalty.  The law says first he must be provided the complete treat to get cured from the sickness.  After he has recovered from the disease and become healthy, then he will put put the the judicial death penalty. ........................THIS IS THE SYSTEM.....................and I think the is ruled everywhere.

    • Hello, Mishaikh. Thank you for sharing your opinion. I understand that doctors should try to cure any patient and any criminal has the right of accees to the courts. These are matters of course in civilized society. So I have mixed feeling.

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