Just Reconnecting....

One year without EC?  Wow, I made it, haha!  My friends used to place their bets on me that I could never live without EC even for a year.  

I won't say that they totally lost their bets.  It's still true that EC will always be a favorite hangout for me.  If not, I wouldn't be here trying to reconnect.  The fact is, I am just stealing a portion of my tight schedule for my dearests here on EC.  I left them suddenly without explanations and made them worry to the point of cursing me.  (What a great bunch of friends I have, lol!)  But I will always love them to the point of understanding their exaggerated feelings!  Oh, I know it will also be the same case for me if a friend suddenly was out of contact.  Anyway, that's how friendships survive in the net.

As my country is under the new governance of the newly elected president, the education system for the fifth graders is also under the new curriculum.  Since May, I have undergone a rigid training in preparation for this new education system.  Everything is new so a big adjustment has loomed ahead.  

At present, I can't still fully embrace this big change making it quite a big challenge for me and the teachers who underwent the same national training and seminar.  It's like walking on the rudiments of one stage of life, like keeping up with the paces of the giants' roadsteps or like making your first speech in front of a very large crowd.  

Anyway, there's always EC to keep my life balance.  Thanks for dropping by and reading it.


Lady Anne

Thanks for keeping in touch...

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  • I love this blog. I have been doing the same thing, I dropped by once in a while just to see if my beloved friends were still here. Have a happy life Anele !!!

  • Now that you’ve had a lot of experience with the new curriculum do you think it is much of an improvement over the previous one? Does it seem to lead to a much better outcome for the students? It’s always hard for the teachers when things change but sometimes the change is an improvement. 

    In the US some changes seem to be for the worse. The person Trump put in charge wants to take money from the public schools to give to private schools that are intended to make a profit as a business. I’m glad I’m not teaching there. 

  • I guess we keep missing each other as we come and go. I've been very bad about checking in. I'm just so busy teaching and lots of travel time to and from school. Hoping you are well dear Anele. 

  • leaving Ec makes me feel lonely but I increasingly get busier. We have hard times in my country and I should devote myself for my work. I hope there will be always time to say “Hi, you are still in my mind my friends”.

  •     Sometimes is difficult for me to find the suitable words to write. Unfortunately, this time is one of them. All what I can say, Welcome Back. God bless you.   

  • Wow! Welcome back My dearest friend on EC. I missed you so much. I was worried when it took months without seeing you online to help us with basic tips. But anyway it's good to have you back here.

  • Hugs my dear Anele.... Welcome Back, Ms. kekeke ( my favourite smile of urs)

    Really Missing all the fun of EC... U have rightly said, though I am able to sustain my living without marking attendance here in EC, still I have not forgotten this wonderful home any day...The fun we had, the Knowledge I have gained from you Guys, keeps scrolling in my thoughts...

    Love u Loads

  • lol...no,no...please, let's me enjoy my "happy time" here. kekeke...

    Ya, really I love your photo so much.

  • I have a question, is your blood group B? :) C'mon...the bed is in another room, you can sleep over there... :D

    New curriculum is always be a headache for every teacher...:(( Btw, do you remember all your promises? :)) :p Okay, don't run away again...:D *seriously kidding...

    At least you're here even without your correction. I will give you another homework,,, to watch Saeguk Drama. :D :D

    Six Flying Dragons-p1.jpg

    Six Flying Dragon

  • You're welcome Akshaya Biswal. Nice to see you, too!

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