Iraq people future

terror attaks in every place of my first country Iraq. they want to kill the life in this country. but the people want to life in any situation they take their children to park and play with them. in this time they don't know whether they will back to home or they will die by terror attacks but anyway the people in this country want to life seem the people in Europe or another country in this word. I always think about Nationalism of Iraq people and I think these people never be Arabic people since the dialect of this people never seem another dialect Arabic country and Fees and ethics of these people different from Arabic.

whatever I found many things in their dialect that take from Sumerian and Assyrian language and defend these people against terrors and brave of these people like of these brave that we read in Myth. many things in Iraq refer to we may see new Civilization that correct by hands of Iraq society

thank you for comments and correct my opinion and mistakes.

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  • hi noaslpls

    thank you very much for your emotions   


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  • I hope the people of Iraq will find a long lasting peace soon.
  • Dear Mohammed A. Amar
    thank you so much for your comment,yesI agree with you
  • Hi Onee-chan.
    thank you very much for your notes that was useful for me.
  • Hi caro,,

    I'm sorry to hear that..I hope they are safe from those terrors. Those who are died because of the war to protect the country and religion, I hope they are in peace by Allah 's side.

    If you mean correct mistakes of grammar, based on my limited skill, I would say..

    .....but the people want to life live in any situation....

    .....In At this time, they don't know .....

    .....I think these people never be are not Arabic people ...

    .....the dialect of these people never seem another are not the same as the dialect of Arabic people

    Thank you for sharing and considering my improvements.

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  • my new friend :) , i'm sharing something with u which is i dont believe neither that my nation is Arabic nation and i mean "Egypt" when i say nation . 

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