Can't they make it easier to chose them, with some easy to understand guides? I bought a new bicycle headlight at last year. It was so difficult to chose. There wasn't such, that I could say: "This is the light I want!" So many different lights. But about 95% of them, I would call -"useless for me". They either had too low output, or just for mtb, with too bright and dazzling beam(not dipped down and wide).. spotlights.

I wanted something, that would be on same level with car lights, or very close. And would have 2 modes, dipped down wide beam that would not dazzle other road users. And full beam, or mtb mode, as I think bicycle lights, actually don't require such full beam as cars do.. Probably.

I was also worried, that some lights, might not lid up traffic signs, or anything above higher than where light is mounted.. Since they would too perfectly shooting all the light to ground only.. by description.
Other concern was, that the beam, might light too bright at close range.

On some lights, the description stated(With my own words, since don't remember theirs, or the brands, or model) that, this light beam is dipped down and has wide pattern to illuminate also road sides. All light is directed to road surface where you need it, no light gets wasted to elsewhere, this way it does not dazzle other road users.
Also that it brightly illuminating the road close at front of bike.
Like that would be something good! No, there's no way, that that would be good! A normal head light, should not brightly lid up at close range. You don't want that. You definitely don't want all those lumens shining to ground at front of you.. they would be blinding(dazzling) you.
Yes, you want it to light also at close range, but not brightly. There has to be a good balance.. Dimmer at close and more light somewhere further ahead of you. Somewhere at where you are looking most, while riding. And also you need some of light to escape to up too, to be able to see traffic signs.. or maybe tree branches that reach to road or something..

Also your light, has to be as bright as car's head lights. Otherwise, when too dim. Oncoming traffic will blind you!

Anyways, after hunting for over a year unsuccessfully. I had to buy something, because my old light just wasn't good enough. And so I bought a Chinese light. Ravemen PR1200.

It wasn't too expensive, but was also not cheap.. By description, it almost has everything I wanted... But I don't know if there might have been some better choices. I had got tired from hunting, and from the doubts, and also that feeling, of how everyone is trying to deceive.
I think, that this light still might give too much light at close range.. at least on some conditions, on road(dipped down) mode.. But it's brightness can be changed and it's mtb mode is pretty good.. I like. Especially for gravel riding and country roads.. I don't ride on trails much, but I guess, it could be okay there too.

Although, I'm worried, that on road, it may dazzle oncoming traffic when on mtb mode. but I still have used it on that mode on road too, at dusk, with half brightness, or low brightness.. For me it does not look that dazzling, but.. I can't be sure. I felt like the mtb mode was much better at dusk.. Somehow the road mode was bothering my eye.. too bright on higher mode too low on lowest setting. Probably not noticeable(bright) enough to other traffic to see me.. And also to see the debris.. and/or dog poop on road. :P

Also it's attachment bracket, isn't how I like... it came with a flimsy one, so I had to buy a different one, but even with that, I can only mount it to 32mm handlebar. Although I have that dimension, I would like to mount it to lower position, underneath of handlebar, with a barxtender, which is 25mm.

I like the wired button, that connect to mini usb port of light. Same port is used to charge the light. Button I mounted close to levers, so that I can change the brightness of light, while still maintain good secure grip on handlebar and can use brake and shift levers.. The wire I wrapped under handlebar tape.

Button still has some lack of functionality. It is only for changing brightness.
When I want to change the light mode, from road to mtb. I still have to let go from handlebar..  I wish I could have that other button also remote.

Actually, I forgot. There is also the turbo mode, that can be attained from that brightness button. When press and hold that button. It will go to full power of mtb mode, until I release the button. Means technically I actually can change mode when at road mode. It has been useful sometime, when riding fast and there's some place ahead, that I'm not sure about. I can turbo it to see little further and don't need to slow down unnecessarily.

Also I almost forgot to mention, that there was actually something concerning in the manual of this light also. They suggested to mount it on 10 degree angle dipped down.
Why would they suggest something like that?
My light is about 95cm from ground. If I would point it downward by 10 degree. It would shoot all those 1200 lumens against the ground just only 5.47m close at front of me.. Or well that's where the center of beam would be on mtb mode..
They want to play safe? Like, maybe someone dazzles someone with it and then they might have a court case? Or they actually seriously thought that, that would be a good idea?
I actually set it about 2 or 3 degrees angle down. And that seems pretty good for me.. that's about 20 meters ahead..
Not sure how far it really reaches, because it's really, just the center of beam.. but I think in road mode, it really is just 20m, or maybe 25m that is lid brightly.. since this light don't have very sharp transitions from bright to dark.. it might lid a bit further.

And here are some videos, of this light in action when riding in dark.
In road mode at country.. I would have liked it to reach further, but it was okay.. If I switched to mtb mode, it would have lighted further, but I thought it's annoying to switch it back to dipped down (road)mode in darkness, when there's on coming cars...

I think, I dazzled this dog. :(

This is a long video, at the beginning it's in fog, that will get thicker. In the end of the video, it has got darker. Fog is only at beginning.. There's also moonlight.. and moon.

And one more very long video.. the sequel of the previous one.. In dark and on snowy road, that was also a bit slippery too.. But very soon, I reach to town and make some rounds there, on road little and on bicycle roads more :)

And here's my old light. It was pretty bright in full mode, but dazzling.

In low setting it did not light enough..
Also it was emitting radio interference waves. Even after I had replaced it's power cable, with a shielded one. It still emitted them. Interfering the work of my wireless cadence, speed and heart rate sensors.. With it's original, non shielded power cable, it was horrible. Even could not listen radio when switched this light on, in close(about 30 cm) to radio antenna..

The beak I made for it to make it lid road at close too. Since it's white it reflected some light down at front of bike. It was very effective, exactly right amount of light in full power, that I could see in slow speed at close range. And not blinded on high speed. Good even on high speed too.

And a link to video that shows the old light in action: .In that video, I could not see well when on coming cars passing me, because light was on low mode.. and did not dare to use full brightness, since was worried, that it might dazzle drivers and cause accident.. So if there was anything on road I might have crashed.

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  • It was me. I was bad one who said that.
    I wish to have more patience and diligence, in posting blogs. It's so poring to read my own text. It's more fun to just delete it and write something new, that I did not know yet.. or wait if I write it by my self, then I probably know it already before writing? Weird!

    Yes the lighting is a difficult topic. You need to be expert to buy a light. It's good that there's a variety to choose. But choosing itself is difficult. For car you can only use the light made for the model of car you have. So you're stuck with one design and kind. But at least it has some standards that ensure, that it does it's job. For bicycle lights. I think it's actually good that there is no mandatory standard in most countries. Because no standard is better than bad standard. And they sure would force some inconvenient useless and bad standard to bicycles. Because they don't want bicycles to same roads, with cars. This is how they have always done things. The reason why here in Europe mopeds are not allowed to ride faster than 45km/h. Is not because 50Km/h speed would be so much more dangerous. It's simply because in urban areas, the speed limit is 50 km/h. So when you ride with your moped, you get on the way of rest of traffic. But here in Estonia, it actually failed. Young people still rode with mopeds more and more. (It was not required to have driving license for those) and so they changed the lav, now everyone who has born after 1993 must have AM category driving license to drive moped... But he still can't go faster than 45km/h.. which is silly I think

    Even worse is thing with electric bicycles. Here in EU they have the law that, the electric motor can aid cyclist only up to 25Km/h. Although it's not banned to ride faster, but then you have to pedal by your own. Now why 25 km/h. With a regular bicycle I have ridden often over 60Km/h. Now why such limit then. Is it that the human brain capacity has some fixed relation to muscle capacity... I always thought that the stronger muscle the stupider brain, but.. I guess I was wrong. Or perhaps I'm right but the people who made that law have enormous amount of muscles.. Anyways the truth is that we have a wast amount of the streets where speed limit is 30 km/h. But you don't like cars passing you when you ride your bicycle.. They often pass you so close isn't.

    Yes I'm in opinion, that they do things to keep bicycle usage low.. Economists, or just bad people. I don't know who they are. But just looking how they build cycle lanes and roads.. And then the traffic laws. It's just a big joke, Bring your money to bicycle store, but if you want to ride your bicycle somewhere, then.. you are crazy. Why you need to ride it. Isn't it already big success for you that you were able to buy it... :D

  • You know that I still wish for at least go pro camera. lol

  • C'mon, Hardi! Who said that? :(

    This just needs higher level intelligence to understand the topic. ^^

    Please please write more... I'm glad that you shared your cycling trip with us. :)

  • Fizzy. Yes the camera has wider angle than light has. Most of bicycle lights, that I have seen, actually have much narrower beam than this. When riding, I was worried what's ahead. I was not sure, how fast I can ride. Will I have time to brake, if there's something on road. A pedestrian wearing dark clothes and no pedestrian reflector maybe.. I really wanted to use the other mode on light.. mtb mode, but it's a bit difficult to switch between.. with glove.

  • the light it is still good but i wish the light spread more wide angle.. atleast it turn out bigger scale.. 

  • It's long because, if I narrated it more, it would been morning before I finish. I had to finish it, because if I just saved it to finish later. I probably never finished it. Also if I try to narrate, I initially get it shorter, but then add more context.. And then I have to separate to captions and then books and series and, bibliothecas and then scrap it all, because it's actually not interesting. :D

  • Hardi, glad to see you writing again.

    What a long blog! Give me some more days to read completely. :D

    Anyway, I watched some of your videos. I wonder how the road could be so quiet.

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