Once upon a time, there was a king named Mahmood Gadnavi who had a servant, Ayaz. Azaz, despite being very poor, remained the most loyal and sincere to him. The king elevated his poor servant, Ayaz to the post of Advisor and rewarded him so much that he began being counted among the rich.Ayaz woke up at the middle of every night and moved to his old hut where he used to live before being elevated. After spending sometime there, he came back to his home. People hallucinated that Ayaz had stolen something from the treasures of the king and hid in his hut. Hence, one day, people assembled around the king and poisoned the king's ears against Ayaz that he had hidden something in his hut. The king had no slightly doubt about honesty of his most loyal servant, yet he ordered all, who complained against his most obedient servant, to chase him (Ayaz) that night so that his honesty would be revealed on everyone.The king along with all the complainants stayed nearby his hut and waited for Ayaz to enter the hut. When Ayaz entered his old hut, they all also sneaked in his hut to ascertain what he hid in hut. Ayaz took out an old small box, unlocked it, and then begun weeping saying these words " O' Allah! I was very poor man. You have blessed me more than I deserved. I fear I will not forget You. Suddenly, he heard some noise. When he turned back, he saw the king along some people coming close to him. The king curiously asked him what was hidden in that box. He with bit hesitation opened it. Everyone in his hut was shocked to see that there were a pair of his old sleepers and raged dress in it. When he was asked why he came there every midnight. He replied that by having a look at that old small hut and all those things which remained him the time of his poverty, he broke his pride. By doing so, he became more thankful to the real King, Allah the Almighty and considerate.Hallucination means "Illusory perception; a common symptom of severe mental disorder". Sadly to say that the most people suffer from hallucinations.
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  • Coral, you can say that again!

    As per research, 80% people in my country are paranoid maybe because of high rate of unemployment, inflation, domestic violence etc.

    Thank you so much for leaving nice comments.
  • The story is very interesting to me. I think that the King was an intelligent man who chose the servant as his advisor :),and didn't care the gossips. As for the title " hallucination" I think It is a suitable topic for this blog. Psychologists say that about 70 percent of people are Paranoid but they don't know.

  • setareh, to keep reminding the days of poverty and downfalls may prevent you from going astray.

    Thank you so much setareh for sharing your opinions.
  • Elen, All praise be to Allah the Almighty, I am fine and around you people right now I mean on EC :). I wish to share much more ideas and fun with you and those who force me to write. As every keen learner needs encouragement and so do I :D anyway. The main theme of this blog is to highlight diseases of the society who waste their precious time in pulling other legs by creating misperceptions about the one whom they find superior in qualities. However, whatever you've extracted from this story is agreeable.

    Thank you so much for asking me after and response to the blog post.
  • Indeed we humans are like that; we forget who we were and how we lived in the past like they had never existed. What a wise man he was! Thanks for sharing this nice story.
  • Heeeey Arif Saeed, where have you been?? How are you? You came back with a very nice story. Unfortunately, some people who get a higher level in society forget where they come from. This man in the story is trying to appreciate his routes. Also, many people are bad and they have something bad to say for others. We should be careful from such persons.

  • Onee, my dearest sister.

    As per my practical experience, I haven't seen such people leading happy life. While reading this lines you wrote "I want to tell you the truth that there's no one here has the same style with you.You always write with your own style style, I like it. :)" I kept smiling convincing myself that I can also write something. :D You have enhanced my belief in me. You are my very considerate virtual sister.

    Thank you so much for strong feedback. I like it too.
  • Thank Atul for commenting
  • Arif my dear bro,,,

    I'm so glad that you write again. WELCOME BACK....!!!!!! :) 

    I really like your title "Hallucination", it was so impressive though "Paranoid" was also fit. I think it has the same sense. And I want to tell you the truth that there's no one here has the same style with you. You always write with your own style style, I like it. :)

    People always have perception and assumption. But, we should think the positive first before finding the proof. The negative thinking made this hallucination.

    I like what Sir Dara said, "the pride is the dress of The Almighty".

    Thank you for sharing and please keep writing! :)

  • Nice story 

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