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Faithful daughter 


Once upon a time, there was a father who had four daughters. Four men came to ask their hands for marriage. The father decided that the elder one to get married first, but she refused to do so in order to take care of her father. The other three sisters got married. The elder one started to take care of her old man until he died. In his will, he said that no money was to be divided until the elder sister was married.

The three married sisters did not agree to that and they decided to sell the house and take their shares. They did not care where their older sister would go. The elder sister wrote to the buyer and begged him to wait for some months until she finds a place to move to. The man agreed. After the specified time, the man called her. She was afraid and then he came to her. She said to him that she still could not find any place to stay.

The man said, “I came carrying this paper from the court". He continued,” The ownership of the house is yours as your dowry from me if you agree to marry me. If not, the house is still yours, and I would go back to where I came from.” The elder sister cried and agreed to marry that man and she lived happily ever after.           


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  • What a nice story. She got her reward for her patience and taking care of her father. It is said everything comes to you at right time. N this is good example of it. 

    • Bilkul sahih hai, SNR!  I agree with that. Patience always brings good results. Do not forget, if you do good, you get good even after a long time. You know the saying, "do something good and throw it in the sea". Nevertheless, the outcome of that deed will come up to the surface. Thanks, SNR for your nice comment. 

      • Yes, i know this saying. Eventually if you do good to other and your intention is good then definitely it will come to you sooner or later. As we say what goes around comes around. 

        You are welcome :)

        • Buhut buhut shukriya SNR! Good afternoon, thanks for your nice comment.  I really appreciate it. 

  • A love story with happy ending... fantastic!

    • Muchas  gracias Pink Dawn! You simply expressed your admiration by saying that nice word, fantastic. Some people look at the matter from a totally different perspective.         They might have not bothered  themselves to look at the story  and see what was going on there.  Honestly, I sometimes do that. I mean commenting before  I read or finish the whole topic.  In that case, I usually write what I already comprehend , or at least, add complementary phrases.  using vulgar words is not my way of doing things. Despite everything, we ask God to clean our hearts.  Once again, thanks my lady for your fantastic comment. 

    • A love story? Really? A guy, that woman has never even met before buys her a house, and you call that love story? 
      I call this prostitution. I have more respect for every real prostitute than all these women, who are selling their souls, and consider themselves above the average prostitute. I would rather scrub toilets the rest of my life than selling my soul. 

      • Thanks, NotAclue for your comment.

        • You're welcome! I'm always here to speak my mind. Greetings!

          • Thanks, NotAclue for your comment.

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