Faithful daughter 


Once upon a time, there was a father who had four daughters. Four men came to ask their hands for marriage. The father decided that the elder one to get married first, but she refused to do so in order to take care of her father. The other three sisters got married. The elder one started to take care of her old man until he died. In his will, he said that no money was to be divided until the elder sister was married.

The three married sisters did not agree to that and they decided to sell the house and take their shares. They did not care where their older sister would go. The elder sister wrote to the buyer and begged him to wait for some months until she finds a place to move to. The man agreed. After the specified time, the man called her. She was afraid and then he came to her. She said to him that she still could not find any place to stay.

The man said, “I came carrying this paper from the court". He continued,” The ownership of the house is yours as your dowry from me if you agree to marry me. If not, the house is still yours, and I would go back to where I came from.” The elder sister cried and agreed to marry that man and she lived happily ever after.           


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    Unfortunately, there are such siblings in real world, too.

    • Mumnoon Saba! Most of our stories are derived from real life.  Thanks, Saba for your comment. 

  • That's a very interesting and educational history for all of us and it means only an important thing: a good example is the best sermon. As in United Kingdom many people say, also a good beginning makes a good end. 

    So here we have the two sayings or proverbs mentioned above: A good beginning makes a good end and also that A good example is the best sermon. 

    Too many people think only to material things without caring of moral things that are much more important than the first ones and that's the end of everything.....

    A very beautiful advice for everyone of us: well done my dear friend!!!

    See you soon on EnglishClub and Happy New Year 2020!!!

    • Grazie Favoa!  I really qppreciate it. 

  • Thanks , Bengisu for pressing the like button .

  • Bahut bahut shukriya, Enchanted Prince! Thanks for pressing the like button. 

  • Hi Dara, An emotional story with happy ending.

    • Nanri Lotus! When you are patient you can have many things. Thanks for your nice comment. 

  • What a great story. she got what she deserves. she is an example of a good person who don't give up easily. but her sisters are not good.  

    • Kamilakha Ermias, some people do not read the topic or maybe they do not understand the driving of the story. They just want to have an advance idea about the topic. This is pitiful. I sometimes do not read the full article but I will have a general idea about it. In that case,

      I try to give an approving comment. I really feel pity for those people who try to argue and they do not know what is the topic. Nevertheless, we do not pay much attention to that, Ermias.Thanks again for your nice comment. 

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