Corona Versus our Consciences


What is going on? Is it the end of the world or the end of humanity? Would it be a conspiracy of some sort? On the other hand, it might be a pure act of gaining money. More than a quarter of a million people went to the other world. Here, the equation is not balanced.

Shall we go back to ourselves and our consciences? Corona is the cause. Yes, it could be the reason, why not? It could be a matter of paying attention to our deeds. At least, we have done something bad, real bad!

We cheat, Corona does not cheat. We steal, the virus does not. We make wars and kill men, women, and children. Corona does that, but at least, it does not kill kids. We make differences and levels between people. Corona does not know the rich, the poor, or the strong ones.

We oppress, commit adultery, open houses for fornication, viciousness, and many more. That tiny agent that cannot be seen only by the microscope does not do that. Corona brought terror to us, but at the same time, it made our stay at home with our parents, sisters, and brothers and feel one another.

 Finally, at the end of the road, medication would be found for Corona. The problem would be what is the medication for ourselves?

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        • OK...apology has been accepted!


          • Guten morgen Rose Iris,  was the apology accepted?  

            • Yes, it was, dara, although I can speak only for myself and not for other members.

          • Thanks!


            • Xin chao Aung Lwin Oo! You are most welcome. 


    Hi there

    I agree with those who defend hungry kids. But my country Iran is affected by coronavirus too and the world is still indifferent to sanctions against Iran.

    • Sabor bash, Saba! Humanity will prevail, my lady. The world is doing its best to fight this virus. Do you know that most governments are arranging to give money to people to buy their needs?  Sanctions during this time are not appropriate. Sooner or later, they will be lifted. Don't think about it, Saba. The matter is more than that. fortunately, kids are an exception. The virus is imposing its conditions and rules. You are watching this on the ground. Thanks, Saba for your comment.

  • Hello everyone.

    There are many comments here and so many different types of thinking... so good to read such a variety of thoughts.

    First of all I don't think that the equation is not balanced... This is not how the nature works. Everything is exactly where they must be. But there are new facts that men should learn. Or maybe the old lessons should be taught again.

    This is not the end of world. More dangerous disasters have happened before than this one and human being will find the treatment for this one as they found for others. 

    But it's so different for us because some concepts exist in our mind that it's not true.

    Please take care about yourselves as there wouldn't be any cure for it as soon as we think. For the first time let's put the prevention in the first priority than anything. It's not that difficult and it is possible.

    • The global system is subject to a degree of accuracy. I cannot imagine how but I observe the sun and the daylight, the moon and the night. The weeks, the months, and the years, they all go according to an exact and accurate system that is manipulated by a great power.

      The light of the sun can partially or wholly be dimmed, and that is also according to certain rules. I did not mean that kind of balance, Soheila. I meant if this is done for the sake of money, power or political gains, more than seven million people died so far. 

      Here, that what I meant by the unbalancing of the equation, my respected lady. I really agree with you and side by your side and let prevention be better than cure. Thanks, Soheila for your nice comments and your guidelines to us.

    • Mumnoon Soheila. Nice comment. I shall give my support soon. 

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