Are you ready for the New Year? I hope so. Yes, the New Year is just around the corner, and I bet some of you can't wait to celebrate it!

You have to say goodbye to 2016, whether you enjoyed it or not - the year 2016 may be so eventful, unforgetable, impressive or so boring or dull for you.  Also, you've spent another year here on MyEC and I hope you enjoyed every minute of your stay.

Don't let any year go without saying anything about it. I assume you must have something to share about MyEC in 2016. What impressed you (the) most - a blog, a photo, a video, or a member, a blogger or something else? Why? What's your impression or memory of MyEC 2016? Any suggestions about making MyEC more enjoyable? 

First let me have my say: The year 2016 is so eventful for me. I have moved to a new city - working in another hospital now. It sure takes time and effort to adapt to the change. Fortunately, my colleagues have helped (to) make the adaption less stressful. As a blog moderator here on MyEC, I'm supposed to keep an eye on Blogs, but, sorry, I failed to add a comment on every blog or feature one that deserved to be featured, and I may even have missed some great blogs. Thankfully, I managed to publish some tips on English usage - I hope you find them helpful. I'll keep challenging you with more blog challenges in 2017, because you'll find that only when you write can you realize you still need more writing practice. 

Your turn now! We'll try to correct you since it's a blog challenge, and I suggest you add the tag 'correction' if you really mean it. 

'have your say' - 'give your opinion about something'

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  • Thanks setareh, Adaline, Risty, Evangelina! I really appreciate it! Wish you all a very happy New Year!

  • Sir Expector, thank you for this opportunity. Have a fruitful 2017 ahead and stay wonderful. You're a big help in EC. :)

    Btw, here's my attempt to your challenge. :)

    Views in “my”EC2016 (Sir Expector’s Blog Challenge)
    I won’t let the year pass without saying a word about it. Exactly! I’m thinking where to start, okay, I should go back how I get here, I’m a regular…
  • Dear Expector, Here it's my blog to your writing challenge. I know my grammar is not that good. Please correct me and Thank you so much for the challenge. I appreciate you!

    Expector’s Blog Challenge: My memory of MyEC 2016 is ‘my friends’
    This year is a  incredible year for me. I celebrated my first birthday in EC in August. I am just a year old in EC. believe me, in this one year EC b…
  • Dear Epector, I wish you all the best for the coming year. All members and I appreciate your efforts and challenges here. Happy new year.

  • Thanks dara, bet, Chitra, Onee!

  • Real life, mixed with some thoughts about MyEC. This sounds very interesting. I'll try to write something, teacher Expector. Thanks a lot for the challenge. 

    I'm glad to hear about you, doc. Wish you a great new year. :)

  • Thanks a lot, smith for your great job here!

  • Xie xie admin Smith! Besides your personal work, you are doing fine with your work here on EC. We are happy about it. It's true that the year 2016 is about to come to an end as everything else on this earth. I told my friends on EC to tell me about their expectations on twenty seventeen. Some of them answered and I am still waiting for the others to give me their expectations and their wishes in 2017.

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