Being Polite

Being Polite

Evolution meant an overall development of humans. Nonetheless we have been long deviated from that path. We have grown sick of our kind. Oftentimes we denigrate fellow human for who they are. 

Being polite these days is so rare that it is often confused as flirting

It has became so rare that you may have to face an unpleasant and awkward moment or confrontation. Emotionally we have lagged behind in developing ourselves. An affable and cordial person who speaks politely is facing alienation for being a gentleman/woman. Not long ago, I witnessed this situation personally. These are more common in social media and Internet chatrooms. If you speaks graciously you'll be seldom looked upon as an eminent person. Why it happens? There is no concrete describable reason. Withal we can narrow it down to some extent. Many times it's how people perceive others and their past experiences dealing with impolite, boastful and deceitful person.

It highly unlikely that the person who is sending us messages or acting godly maybe a phony. I don't deny that there aren't such people but the thing is we use same set of arguments to determine everyone. Everyone is unique. Remember. Just because someone did something bad to you doesn't mean everyone is alike. Give it a try. Maybe you'll find a good friend, partner, acquaintance in that person. 

Don't judge people without knowing them. It's always utilitarian to get to know them. 

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  • Oi there, folks

       After reading all that there was to be said about making contac with the opposite gender taking into acount difference of culture, age and language, it reminded me how eons ago, when I was still tall and handsome, I met a very tall and pretty girl at the bus stop. I am no shorty, 182cm, yet I fett a bit off hand by her hight. After mustering all my courage I broke ice by saying:

    "Hello, your highness, how/s the weather up there?"

    I spoke in english as there was a womem volleyball competition in my town where some teams from abroad have been taking part. And to my delight I heard an reply also in english:

      "It's a bit windy, and down there?"

    Hurridly I invited her highness to share some windless coffee with me in a nearby cofee house, the invitation was accepted and the whole day was something to be reembered. 

      So I guess that all matters how, by whom and where the interpersonal contact was wanted to be achieved. 

    • rysperski

      it was pretty cool.:D:D.

      I think the best way to make relationship with a girl is to let her take the lead. Of course, that's why I'm single for forty years. LOL..

      myEnglishClub (myEC), your page in English
    • lol hahah. Matured ,senior single man...Why dont you think to show your leather wallet ?  in a minute you find at least 40 girls...

    • Thinking about your method makes me feel how much I love being alone.:D

    • Haha. Don't mind the laughs. Really enjoyed how sarcastically you have said the right thing and given a clear message.

  • Main tum ku itifaq hoon, Manoj! Don't you ever try to judge the book by its title! Where ever you go without your manners and behaviors no one will accept you. Believe me Manoj, even your family will not tolerate that. 

    • Universal Truth. However when you are alienated for being a gentleman, that's something worrisome.

  • Hello, Manoj, I can't even imagine how politeness could be misinterpreted as flirting. Could you please give some sentences as example. 

    • Would love. For instance, suppose I commented on an unknown girl's photo- You look amazing. I wish we can chat.

      What do you think about it? I find her beautiful hence I exclaimed wishing I had someone as beautiful as her with whom I can chat. Nothing wrong, right. But few girls will take it as flirting.

    • Well, as a woman, I can tell you that being reduced to my looks, I don't consider this as a polite approach. And I wouldn't react positively. And of course this has to do with the culture we grow up in. But maybe women from other cultures and centuries would see it as polite... Who knows...

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