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Being Polite

Evolution meant an overall development of humans. Nonetheless we have been long deviated from that path. We have grown sick of our kind. Oftentimes we denigrate fellow human for who they are. 

Being polite these days is so rare that it is often confused as flirting

It has became so rare that you may have to face an unpleasant and awkward moment or confrontation. Emotionally we have lagged behind in developing ourselves. An affable and cordial person who speaks politely is facing alienation for bei

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Random thoughts!

What makes us keep on going in life? It is the hope that after so many trials and afflictions there will be relief. 

A captive person who has been in imprisonment for ages. Has been trying to get out of gloomy and robust cave. Darkness is the only thing which can be seen. Prevailed gloominess takes over everything, mind, heart ability to discern. 

Everything seems to be like ashes after disaster. So distressed, dejected ,crippled, ..... Cannot help ourselves.

In this situation, key to survival   is

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