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Being Polite

Evolution meant an overall development of humans. Nonetheless we have been long deviated from that path. We have grown sick of our kind. Oftentimes we denigrate fellow human for who they are. 

Being polite these days is so rare that it is often confused as flirting

It has became so rare that you may have to face an unpleasant and awkward moment or confrontation. Emotionally we have lagged behind in developing ourselves. An affable and cordial person who speaks politely is facing alienation for bei

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My Unpopular Opinion Is...

Here another kind of 'game'; this time for you to confess that opinion you have about something that is 'unpopular' 'cause it goes against the flow...

As an example, here I write some of my unpopular opinions:

- Ketchup, mustard and peanut butter are disgusting.

- Lord of the Rings (the movie) and Matrix are OVERRATED.

- Newborns are ugly.

- People should have plants instead of kids :P

- Soccer is boring and stupid.

- White roses are more beautiful than red roses.

- Frasier is WAY BETTER than stupid S

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To the dictionaries, the notion of "politician" is described as a member of govermentment or  a law-making organization. In all countries no matter what the system of government or management system is, there are politicians. You can see those politicians with different nationalities, skins, traditions or cultures in the United States, Latin america Countries , Europe or in any other countries in any continent. The most common, popular and mutual feature of these politicians is same; They all ar

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