21st century’s Social Media and Social Media Friends 

 Since the beginning of 21st century the invention of mobiles and progress of communications tools (like internet) completely revolutionize our social life and even today we are unaware of its future. Because of this rapid change we feel difficult to change our life accordingly. These inventions affect on our life is not countable but here I just want discusses some of its social aspect only.  

 Social Media Information

 Social media is becoming the main source of information. We spend hours and hours on social media for getting information having known that the most social media news is fake or fabricated. So why we are wasting our time to getting these unreliable information?

 Social Media Friend

 Social media friends are also our essential part of our life. We talk to them hours and hours and share our problems and issues with them. Some of us spend more time with them than our own families and some of us much familiar the behavior of our social media friend’s than our own family members. Having all the facts we are not consider social media friends as a real friend nor we trust on them. So wasting the time on these friends is also a question mark on our dubious characters.  

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  • Nazir Hussain Thanks for your time and comment! I try to write what i feel and observed yes i agreed with you we can use every thing in both ways positively and negatively that depend on us.   

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  •  dara gino Thanks for your comment! mai thik hun ap sunaen ap k kia haal ha? yes indeed some time you find Good friends too on social mdia.

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  • indeed you have figured out one of the major issue of the era.It is quit apparent that in today's society people are highly concerned about the affair which are irrelevant to them and they are not putting attention to the one who needed their consideration.like we talk much time with those in social media whom we never seen before ,however we mostly neglect our near ones with whom we should spent time .this is one of the major draw backs of social media that injecting adverse effect in family life .But on  the other hand  usefulness of it ,is also material.It is the social media through which we get access much information about the world. we keep our self in touch with the changing world.we keep our self aware with current affair. At last but not least we could transport our issues whether they are social or personal to the destination where the messages are suppose to be reached .in short the technology make much easier out lives. But all it usefulness and draw backs are conditional to the way of its usage. 

  • Kiya haal hain Gulzar Hussain? I knew many friends through the internet. I met false ones too. The good ones are still with me. I have been communicating with them for more than five years. I intend to visit them someday. Thanks for sharing.

  • SNR thanks you so much for your appreciation! Yes I do agree with you we should balance our life according to priorities.   

    Evangelina, Nazir Hussain, Eman, usra riasat and KITT thank you all for read and like my blog!


  • Rosemary :) thanks for Reading!

    You are right Rosemary :)  social media is a great source of information but we need to verify  each and every information from reliable source so why we use directly that reliable sources to get information instead of social media?

    To leave and leave by Intimate friend is always a painful experience. Rosemary :) your words expressing the fragrance of your love to your Intimate cyber friend): D    

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  •   Social media are deemed  to be one of the most important source of information  , and like real world we must check things before believing it  .

             However  , when it comes to cyber people   , no matter  how close  , intimate  or perfect  they seem  to be the can vanish in seconds  deleting  all their accounts and leaving us alone with an emptiness and loss  . It is a game or an illusionment  our close bonds are cut away  while we are connected to far away people  , who are mostly importers.  However  , this doesn't  mean that  all cyber relationship are worthless  

  • Josef Essberger Sir thanks you so much for correction! Your appreciation means a lot to me.

     Roman Soheila  thanks both of you for your nice commends. I agreed that everything has two sides. I was not saying that social media is good or bad as per my opinion technology itself is neither good nor bad it depend on us how we use that technology. In the above blog I want discussed the mistrust related to social media friends and social media information.

     Precious... Onee-chan Thanks for your time and admiration!

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  • Thank you Onee!

  • Hi Gulzar,

    Great post!

    I like Roman's comment.:)
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