Yiruma - River Flows in You

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This is one of the best pieces ever! Really powerful music...

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  • Hi, Tijana!

    Earnestly speaking, I like playing the instruments especially the rich & high pitch sound in combination & with harmonization but at the same time I like singing very much while I am playing piano. One thing I regret is that I haven't tried to remember the names of all the classical musics I've ever listened, although I like them very much as I've frequently listening.

    Do you play any musical instruments?
  • Dear Nadira, you are free to download video or anything you like that I post here. Have a nice day! :)
  • It is fantastic permit me to download please.
    Thank you for sharing the video.
  • Dear James, thanks for leaving this comment on my wall. I really love classical music and I'm very happy that you liked this video. You are right Yiruma's biography was a really useful because I've discovered him just recently so I didn't know much about him except of course the fact that he is a South Korean. I hope you'll add me so that we could talk more about music.
  • Hi, Tijana! Thanks very much for sharing this classical music with us, as I like this kind of music very much. By the way, I am Korean too, but British living in UK, and also I play some instruments such as Piano, Guitar & Clarinet. Well, if you visit my profile, you can see my composed music especially for the actual 20,000th member here in MyEC, as to welcoming her. It's called 'Welcome to MyEC!'. I didn't play it but I recorded it through my media program.


    This might be helpful to understand who Yiruma is;

    Seoul, South Korea (1996 – present)
    Lee Ru-ma, stage name Yiruma, (이루마, born February 15 1978, Seoul, South Korea) is a South Korean piano music composer.

    His albums are sold all over Asia, as well as the United States and Europe. His most famous pieces include “Kiss the Rain”, “Maybe” and “River Flows in You” (First Love).

    Yiruma started to learn the piano at home in Korea at the age of 5. In 1988 he moved to England, and in December 1996 he participated in the album The Musicians of Purcell (Decca). He graduated from Purcell Specialist Music School (London) in July 1997, then from King’s College London in June 2000.

    He said “I’m Christian, and I am not a New-age artist. Most people misunderstand me.”
    Although he formerly held dual citizenship as a citizen of the United Kingdom and South Korea, in July 2006 he gave up his British citizenship and entered the Republic of Korea Navy to begin his military service, which is mandatory for all male South Koreans.
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