Video Challenge #1: Tara's Name

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I was happy to participate in the first video challenge of 2011. I hope that you don't mind that I read a letter written by my dad.Thanks Joyce! Who is next?

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  • nice video


  • it's my great time joining this site. i sure am going to be amazed having a lot of friends and fun
  • hi this is my first day to learn english
  • Nice voic and fluent speaking ,I love your vadio so much ,thank you and expect more.

  • dear Tara i enjoyed your name story but you speak very quickly and i am starting learn English and i can speak but slowly so please send your e- mail address please with my greetings
  • Thank Tara for all that I both enjoy story of your name and make though a listening practice with your voice , love this vid too :)    
  • Hi, Tara! I really love your voice. It's so nice.
  • Nice!

    Thanks for sharing dear Tara. You're also a good person with high qualities and values, and you make us smile when we hear the name "Tara".

    Have a beautiful time


  • I liked the story of your name. :)
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