The R sound in British and American English

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Learn how we pronounce different R sounds in British and American English. Jay has a rhotic accent and Vicki has a non-rhotic accent. You'll hear how that af...

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  • Hello @usrariasat and @Roman. So glad to hear the videos are useful. Thanks for writing. 

  • Hello Johnny. I think you are very observant! I feel like I'm pronouncing the /r/ but sometimes it's just a schwa sound.

    And of course in this video we were saying single words, but in natural speech, there could be more words following which may start with a vowel. So if I said 'brother and sister' I'm sure you'd hear the /r/ on brother.

  • Hey, Vicky and Jay!

    To be honest, I have never paid attention to that difference. But now, I can notice it.

    And your explanation about the position of the tongue will help me to explain to my friends from the other countries, how to pronounce Ukrainian letter "R" (Р) :)

    Thank you very much!

  • Thank you vicki ..your videos really help me how to pronounce the words correctly..

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