Secret of Love

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Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence ... (Henry Louis Mencken),do you agree these words?thank you for watching ;)-----------------------------thank you Manuela, you have allowed me to use some of your wonderful photos :)

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  • thanks you liked it, Manal, Digna and Yana ;) welcome!



  • I correct you, Champ .. my name's Nadiyah not Nadira

    thanks for your compliment, I thank to Manuela to her willingness ..



  • an honor for me to get your appreciations, we have the same taste

    thank you Joanna, Nazie, Sattar and Shihab, you're welcome!



  • it's heart-beating!! nadiyaah


  • thanks a lot,dear
  • wonderful-----very nice
  • very nice
  • Hello Abed,

    Click this link Braveheart Theme Piano

  • thank you all for visiting this video, my pleasure to share with you

    the words have the power effectively to provide enlightenment



  • Hi Nadiyah

    It's very nice!! I like it:)...thnk ya for sharing this video with us!

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