Rockelbel's Canon- ThePianoGuys

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this video always makes me smile :)one of my favourite songs^_^ after watching them(piano guys), I started to love classical music,and instruments like cello

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  • ¬†hello grace :)

    im really pleased to hear you like it ^_^ thanks for dropping by

  • Ta very much for sharing, I really enjoyed Canon. :)

  • hey shideh ^_^great to hear you like it. thanks for dropping by :)

  • hello Syubidupapap :) nice to hear that you liked it ^_^I also want to hear your favourite songs if you can let me ^^thank you for dropping by :)
  • I have always liked Canon!!! I like every version of it! lol ^^

  • hello :) nice to see you liked it :) classical music is always relaxing. when I listen this kind of music, i feel myself happy ^_^thanks for dropping by Robbie :)

  • Awesome! He is very talented, yet funny! Classical music is soothing to hear and has full of emotions if you listen closely. Thanks for sharing, Pandora! : )

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