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  • Selamat sore Syubidupapap, saya tidak tahu kenapa kamu tidak mau teman saya? Can you visit my page and see that dish about kuskus? Thanks!

  • Apa kabar Syubidupapap. Saya haruz mau guru dan teman untuk belajar. Kamu haruz akan menjadi teman dan guru untuk saya, bukan? Terima kasih! I hope you agree to add me to your friends.

  • 2391425220?profile=original

  • hello -_-


  • hey, syubi...

    I knew when you got banned that time... and I talked to Heaven and we all agreed we won't talk about this matter anymore... so she stopped banning you... 

    about Abe and Ario; Heaven told me she will inform them to stop bothering... she said they will know the truth that it was a mistake. and she will tell them to stop provoking and talking about this matter in main...

    I told Tara about this before I talked to Heaven and after I saw Abe's words on Tara's wall also...

    now if anybody bothers or something, please just take a shot and send it to Tara directly... coz somebody should make something, if mods couldn't do it themselves....

    thanks for bothering your time, and please please please... just stop talking about this matter as I told you :)

    oh... I was about to forget :D

    congratulationssssssssssss :D

  • I've just learned that this member had 4 IDs. I think that's why this member was banned. I've clarified this rule in the "Why was I banned" page. (#9) 

    Thanks for looking out for a friend. 



  • Great to see you! Thanks for your note. Most people are banned for having multiple accounts. Here are some other reasons. I'm not sure about Bird. 



  • Syubi jaaaan :)))




  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICK!!!4782Patrick-happy-birthday-juliet-jan-05.jpg

This reply was deleted.

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