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You are beautiful the way you are.

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  • @bianca: yes indeed. He's really amazing and have a good character, honestly I want to meet him in person. I think he is the most handsome guy in the world for being Him in his own simplest way. He is a real man.
  • @ Alex: Yes. Character is more important. Beauty outside can fade but beauty inside is forever.
  • @ Lynne: I know that most of you guys and gals will love and enjoy this wonderful video, it's my pleasure to share it with everyone.
  • Dear Emma Hagedorn,
    Thanks Emma. This is a beautiful and meaningful video.
    Our life is precious so let's love it.
    Thanks again.
  • @Jamal: You are right. Let's share the wonderful life to the people who needs more than material things in the world.
    @Worakarn: The world is more beautiful if there is people who lives like, not selfish but a real person who speaks from the heart.
    @Dreamer man: Just dream and make your dream come true. WE should help others to be strong one and build them up whatever their life is.
  • why do we complain about our life ?? and we have evrything and those people who don't have complete body they are happy and never complain? I think its we are weak not them they are more strong espeacially their heart and their motivation, thnk you Emma for sharing , this video give inspiration to weak people who are not confident
  • the world belongs to all of us. whatever u r .... think well, speak well and act well, just enough
  • Oh thanks alot Emma!. yeh we have to remind and to be riminded that we got fantastic life. Thanks Good for all circumsatances.
    Jamal Alqhaiwi
  • @Cris: Indeed! We are still lucky to have a complete body part, but still there are times people complains and never content on what they have. Let's share it to the world. And we must believe that we are very special and unique in our own way! ^_^
  • Very touching video, I cried when I was watching coz were lucky person but many complains in our life, unlike him in the video he knows how to appreciate anything in his life...God bless!!!
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