Phonetics - Sounds that make up the spoken words

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In this lesson we look at the phonetic alphabet. Some people think that this is a helpful tool for improving spoken English, while others feel that phonetics...

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  • Dear Hala, 

    Thank you for watching the video. I’m glad that you liked the information given by Mr Duncan. 

    We are told that some English letters have more than one sound.
    Here is one such multi-valued consonant letter:

    Letters’  -   /s/  as in sound   /saʊnd/

                      -   /z/ .as in cosy     ../ˈkəʊzi/

                      -   /ʃ/ in sugar   ../ˈʃʊɡə/

                      -   /ʒ/ .as in visual   ./ˈvɪʒuəl/

    See below... 

    Also, some letter combinations create a new sound of their own.

    Here is a digraph and the different sound values: 

    Digraphch’  -   // in challenge   ../ˈælɪndʒ/

                             -   /k/   .as in chameleon  /kəˈmiːliən/

                             -   /ʃ/    .as in machine      /məˈʃiːn/

                             -   //  as in sandwich   ./ˈsænwɪ/

    Continues below...

  • We can see from the above examples how useful it would be to have some basic phonetic understanding. My hope is that all non-native English speakers of MyEC will take the trouble to learn the group of sounds that make up all the spoken words. Cheers!

  • Hi, Robbie! 

    You can say that again! I like the way Mr Duncan spells it out. In this video, he gives the reasons why one must learn PHONETICS

    1. It makes it easier for us to pronounce words.

    2. It improves a learner’s level of English much quicker, etc. 

    Thanks a lot for approving the video, bro!

  • It's great to see Misterduncan explaining about phonetics. His way of presenting his lesson is quite creative. Thank you for sharing his video, Teacher Gabriel! : )

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