It's Teacher Appreciation Day!

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"Teachers wear many hats."What does this mean? Share your ideas in the comments below, and tell us about a teacher you had who wore many hats.You can also use this space to "thank" a teacher!

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  • It's actually Teacher Appreciation Week in the US. In Canada, "World Teacher's Day" is celebrated on October 5th. 

  • Thanks for your response, Anizaq! It tires me out just reading your excellent list. Teachers wear so many hats! Elementary school teachers wear some very interesting hats, don't they? 

    English tip: It reminds me  to of my experience...

  • Teachers perform plenty of responsibilities. They play different roles in school, at home and to the community  These are some of the following.....

    1. Act as second parent to the students.

    2. Providing lessons, computing grades and attending seminars.

    3. A Homemaker (managing his or her family's needs).

    4. Sometimes they accept second job or sideline to augment financial needs of the family.

    Thank you to the teachers who spend their time shaping future leaders, doctors, nurses and other professionals! Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

  • Great teachers know many things, can do many things, and inspiring in so many ways. Thank you for those teachers who dedicate their life in educating generations!
  • Thank you to teacher Marisa who shared this video on FB. I've learned so much from you! 

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