Dumb Ways to Die

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Listen a few times to figure out the funny lyrics to this public service announcement (be careful around trains). Then add some other "dumb ways to die" in the comments below. See if anyone can write a rhyming verse to your verse.Warning: This is my kids' favourite song right now. It will get stuck in your head if you listen to it more than once.

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  • Simply cross the red traffic light... 

    (hope one of you can continue with the rhyme of light)

  • run all day to get slim............ :D

  • Good one, Bianca! 

    Here's another line: 
    Take your car for a swim.

    Can you anyone add a line that rhymes (that describes a "dumb way to die")

  • if you wanna set your house on a fire....

  • Here is a dumb way to die:

    "Take a nap on a telephone wire." 

    Can you add a line that rhymes?

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