Algerian Weddings

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This is an example of Algerian Wedding, I made it from my wedding album photos and videos.____________________________________May you express, how is the wedding in your country?

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  • @Syubidupapap: Yes girl, the bride wears the traditional dress in the "Henna Night".. Traditional clothes really cost much! It's not obliged for people to wear them, they try to make it as simple as they can now, "No soul shall have burden laid on it greater than it can bear".

    Agreed, better not complicated things, but anyways... Here in Indonesia there are places where we can rent those traditional dresses so you don't have to buy. Usually this places offer a wedding package where everything is included for exemple dresses not only for the couple but also the whole family, make up, the stage for the bride and groom to stand (I don't know how to say it :D ), and also food for the reception. Much easier eh? Just prepare a sack of money and there you go lol

    Btw, I have seen your video before, but it is the first time I hear it ;) And your voice sounds familiar and comfortable to listen to, just like home :p


  • amazing!!!!!!

  • @Jaydeep: Thanks! I'm glad you found it of a good quality, that's reaaly encouraging!

  • @Benno! Thank you for best wishes!

  • @Tara: You're so welcome dear teacher! I'm the one who needs to thank you for featuring my page!

    I hope I can do what you asked me sooner, I just need time to!

  • @Maggie: Oh my dear! Thank you so much for sharing with us your wedding memories!!

    You're so beautiful! You and your husband are a amazing strong couple! :D ;)

    I'm so thankful also for wedding details that you've mentioned! Really Wedding is very nice at Switzerland!

  • Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this. It's very interesting. You did a fantastic job making this video. I hope you'll share your video making secrets. 

  • In Switzerland, we have two wedding ceremonies.

    The first one is a civilian one, and it is mandatory. Bride and groom go to the civil registry office. They are usually accompanied by their parents and the witnesses, who have to sign the registration. Sometimes the siblings of both, groom and bride are present at the ceremony too. It is mostly a small ceremony. After this, bride and groom are officially a married couple.

    Most people here have a second ceremony in the church. This one is the big party. It usually begins in the early afternoon, but for groom and bride already in the morning, with all the preparations, getting dressed and so on. Then, everybody meets in front of the church, and the bride is supposed to arrive last, accompanied by her father (or parents), when all the guests and the groom are already sitting in the church. Her father brings her to the wedding-altar, where she is received by the groom. The priest asks the question, first the groom and then the bride, and then ties their hands together as a sign for the eternal union they are entering. When the couple leaves the church, there are often waiting friends outside, forming a guard of honour. Then, all the guests and friends will have an aperitif, before the invited guests (usually around 40 to 60 persons; family and best friends) go to a restaurant for the wedding-dinner and a party that usually doesn't end before the early morning...

    I've added some pictures of my own wedding, almost 25 years ago...3078146394?profile=original3078146471?profile=original3078146500?profile=original3078146533?profile=original

  • Oh! Hahaha! Thanks Mohamed! :D Do you loll you men in Sudan?

  • @Fizzy: Thank you! Best wishes for you too.

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