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In the photo are my brother and his children.We're just at the museum. :)
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  • Thank you, Glosky. :)

  • Nice picture here Onee :)

  • O.M. and Rose, thank you, I agree with you. ^^

    Dear Rose, the museum is very capacious and we walked around with hot temperature. :D It was fun but also tiring.

  • What made them so tired?

    They look so cute and peaceful. Just lovely!

  • They are so cute, Onee ))))

  • Wow!! 8)

    Thank you for your nice comment about my brother, Mishaikh. ^^

  • Looks like Dav Anand (an Indian Movie Star of the Golden Era) Style.

    Nice shot!

  • Thanks a lot for your understanding, Estanis. :)

  • Haha.. I understand them. Nice to meet your brother and nieces :)
  • Anna

    It seemed so. They came that far just to sleep next to big durians. lol...


    :D :D So you understand the situation. Yes, this was the end spot of the museum. ^^

    Thank you for your comment and like. 

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