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Sunset: Behind the Tree.

Sun is setting. :)
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  • Cool ) It seems like somewhere in Russia or Ukraine )))

  • Wow, It's very nice. It reminds me  to Australia... I like it

    and I also have  oranges tree  under  foggy morning

  • Beautiful but so sad! It seems to recall us something is missing ....
  • What a wonderful, beautiful pictures, very well made!
  • Beautiful moment to look and say it's God greatness.

  • Wow! I love this photo!

  • MILA@ Thanks.

    mitran@ True, I'm not used of taking photos of people. I can take sceneries and pets, photographing people is difficult.. I have taken some, but mostly it was my niece when she was younger... So yeah, Kids are also easier to photograph too but.. ^_^

  • No dear..from my heart, It's really very nice.

    My hubby is the same your hobby. I mean : He likes to take "picture's scenery". Whenever I ask him to take my own photo..kekeke...He always refuses me. Maybe, I should say : I'm so pity lol...

  • I'm glad to see also you here, mitran and  Fumi. I'm happy to know, that u think this photo is nice. ^_^

    Hehe, PS. I think it's nice to reply to everyones comment, so I try to do so, but I hope it doesn't look like I'm doing it because I'm begging for more praises.. Because that's exactly what I'm really after here.. To be praised. :P It would be really bad, if people found out. They would not praise me anymore, if they got know, that I'm not sincere.. or they would only braise because of pity. :P lol


    Thanks! ^_^

  • wow...what a nice picture! Thanks for your share Hardi

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