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Sunset: Behind the Tree.

Sun is setting. :)
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  • Wow! Beautifull!

  • I'm usually still in sleep at sunrise. Only at late autumn and winter, I might get up at sunrise, or before. Therefore I haven't had many chances to take photos of sunrises.. Just some very few. ^_^

  • It's a nice picture!

    I just thought it was about at sunrise because, here, where I live, just now it's at sunrise.


  • it's like the branch is burning.I love that.

  • Thank you everyone complimenting this photo.

    @Stephen A, Thank you for complimenting the photo. No, I don't have SLR. I took it with a compact camera.. it's Nicon coolpix L4. quite old mode for digicam I guess.. I got it at 2007 I think. But even tough it's old and from cheap range, it makes sometime really nice photos. ^_^

    PS. I did not notice that it's tilt. Well, probably it's just so little then. ^_^

  • Great pic! Did you take it with an SLR? It's a lil bit tilt btw, but you took a nice moment!

  • Great pic...i hope know the snow someday :D

  • I'm happy to see so many people like this photo. ^_^

  • the natural beauty have amagic make something moving inside me.

  • Awesome!!   I love it!    :)

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