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Red Lobster in Mini Aquarium

Not mine. All the fish I took picture are my younger brother's. 

I enjoy taking the pic. 

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  • Halo mod. Onee, Istri saya suka nya banyak dan aku juga. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Teacher Dara,

      I like it, too. Thanks for your comment.

  • Hi Onee,

    Wow, because of its red color, it is very standout in the aquarium. Is this the same kind of lobster found in restaurants, or is it a pet-specific species?

    Nice pic :D

    • Hello Peony, 

      I don't think this is the same. After a little search, from this site... There are many different species of lobsters and there are only 4 species to keep it as pet, including red lobster. 

      I don't know how fast it will grow up, but i can assure you that we can eat it anyway. 😁

      Thanks for your comment. 

      Keeping a Lobster as a Pet: What You Should Know
      A lobster as a pet? Yeah, it's a thing.
      • Thanks Onee for providing the link about Red Lobster. So, it is edible. Yet, if the lobster is mine, I won't eat my pet 😁.
        Good morning from South Jakarta. I wish you a wonderful Wednesday!!

  • Will you cook it when grow up?

    • Estanis, I hope so..  😁 

      Thanks for your comment.

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