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I met Mr. Tree in a small park. He wasn't very talkative so I can't tell much about our meeting... Just that he looked cute and he allowed me to take this pic of him ^_^
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  • I think it is Mrs Tree, not Mr. Tree.

  • Oh!Oh!! hahahaha... I didn't remember that character! XD

  • Looks like Cousin Itt. A little bit... a little bit. 

    Thanks for sharing!

  • NotAClue, thanks for the explanations. I just hope Mr. Tree wasn't 'customized' just for a whimsical human thing (the park was full of trees and this is the only one that was cut down)
    Thanks for the hug. *Hugs back!* :)

    Sweet Adaline! Thanks for your nice words ^_^

    Hi again Kal! :)

    Plz, don't be sorry! The poem was beautiful but sad, but I love how you show your empathy for our beloved Mother Nature. You're an inspiration :)

    Thanks a lot for your comments *big hugs*

    Hello again cool Onee! ^_^

    Yeah, as I said, I hope Mr. Tree is just having a 'second life chance' in a diff shape... And yeah, the flowers in the hat are real flowers, so there's more life on the top of Mr. Tree as well :)

    Thanks for dropping by again!

    Hello Lavendre

    Thanks a lot for your nice words, I agree with you and I also hope we can learn and educate ourselves to respect our Mother Nature. And I also hope Mr. Tree is somehow having a second life chance...

    Thanks again for your comment :)

    Hello again Grace! ^_^

    Yes, as I said, I hope Mr. Tree is Okay...
    Thanks and big hugs! :)

    Luci! Do you know tree laguage?? haha... Gurl, you never cease to amaze me! :D

    Thanks to you all for your sweet and nice 'likes' and comments.


  • Funny and creative!!! Lemme teach ya tree language when u r free :D
  • I agree with NotAClue and Lavendre.

  • What a wonderful tree he is !

    Kal 's poem of the tree made me feel sad , too . Living close to trees makes us happy and healthy and I believe that people learn how to save trees .

    I don't know what the reasons to cut him down that might be longtime of being damaged by insects inside the trunk without awareness or it was stormy rain , too cold in the winter for him and Mr. tree looks not very young .

    Then he got his second life and now still stands there to make people smile with the creative look . Congratulation !

  • Maybe the tree is too old, so they cut it. The old trees are chosen to be cut, we somehow need timber, no? 

    Hmm.... I wonder if what's on the top hat is the real plants.. Good creativity! Perfect shot, I said again! :)

  • My dear Mary,

    I'm really sorry. I never thought to give any hurt for you. I know that you are a nature lover. But when I saw this picture, filled my mind with so many thoughts. That's only. Only a thought. Also at this moment, someone is cutting trees somewhere. But I know well we can't change the world easily.

    But it's so creative work. I'm really agreed with others comments.

    My dear Nanny, Many thanks for your loving and encouraging words.

  • Very sweet and very creative is int

    Good catch Mary!

    Thanks for sharing!

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