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Photo Challenge : A Mascot for EC

A response to Tara's discussion : A Mascot for ECThe blue and yellow Macaw, also known as the blue and gold Macaw, is a kind of bird has striking colours, ability to talk, and close bonding to humans.I think a Macaw is the best choice to a mascot for EC ! EC is friendly, awesome performance and attractive site to learn English :-)
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  • What a big head and peak! lol

  • What a wonderful and beautiful creature! :)
  • Lol brother AReality, I knew that Estanis is in love with Macaw not me :-P

  • @Estanis,

    I'm in love too, so I vote you ;-) It should be a mascot for EC ;-)

  • @ AReality

    A mascot should be able to thoroughly describe what that is characteristic of a community or group, and you described it very well. Congrats!

  • Brother AReality,

    Yes, It can talk ... Maybe you can request a song ;-)

  • Thank you brother Mishaikh,

    I was also surprised when I found the photograph in the camera. I thought of Tara, how I would respond to her discussion, so I post it :-)

  • Haha... I wouldn't expect anything less from you Kiriku :D
  • Wow, what a manificient parrot. Anyways I will vote for you Estanis, you are cuter :))

  • @Umair,

    Lol ... I love the style of your words diplomacy for answering my question. Ok I will wait it till love comes to me .. ;-)

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