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Incredible rocks

There are many of those rocks ... it's unbelievable
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  • Yes, lyes , a beautiful place, indeed.

  • beautiful place

  • Well Luci, if you are interested in temples and history, is the north of Thailand better for a trip. I mean in that case northern from Bangkok. There is the legendary bridge at the river Kwai, the Golden triangle, lots of temples, the ruins of the old king city, the Summer residence of the king of Thailand... just to enumerate a few. The south overwhelms you with its incredible nature, but great nature is to find also in the north. There is rainforest as in the south, too.

    At our first trip to the north, we stayed for one night at a Raft Hotel in the middle of the river. Right and left rainforest and at the shores elephants. No electricity, only rustic and simple rooms but very interesting and relaxing.  
    Also, Bangkok with its temples and sights and a drive with a long-tail boat through the canals (Khlongs) with its swimming markets is great to see.

  • Well, I was thinking about southern part of Thailand and hahaaa my kids are well trained for the trips BUT as for this vacation I would go just with my husband in March ;-) it is funny coinscidence because recently I discovered Kho Lak destination and found it the best :D so it is good news to me and I wish I would make this dream come trueeee because I m also curious about the tamples etc. I can't stand 24 hours tanning bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D that is not my cup of coffee :-) thank you so much for your comment!!!

  • Luci, I visited Thailand twice and never I have seen dirty beaches. In the opposite, I always experienced Thailand as a very clean country. But... I also have to say, I never visited only the beaches to have sun baths. The first time we had a trip around the north of Thailand and after the very interesting trip, we had only some days at a beach on the mainland.

    The second time, we had a trip around the south of Thailand ... just three weeks ago I came back from my trip. You did see correctly, the most of my pictures are taken on Phuket. After our round trip, we stayed at a very nice hotel in Kho Lak.

    You know? In our European summer months, when the kids have school vacation, then is rainy season in Thailand and it isn't the peak season. Then is it not as crowded everywhere. Of course, sometimes it rains but it's warm and rain can clean and refresh the air... that isn't that bad.

    In one point I do agree with you. To spend your whole vacation on one of Thailand's islands can be very boring... but I think, only sunbathing and swimming, staying at the beaches is boring everywhere. I know, you have kids they travel with you. If they are still little or if they aren't interested in temples and other sights ... then is Thailand not the right place for your vacation.

  • Is it close to Phuket, Rose? I was thinking of visiting Thailand but got shocked after reading several blogs etc. about dirty beaches and bad impact of tourism there on environment... they suggest people visiting islands as there are still some nice beaches etc... grr i dont wanna spend the whole holiday on thailand island where i would die of boredom :D
  • Yes, Rene, it is art ... the nature is always the best artist.

  • Incredible art of nature 

  • Woww! :)
  • Yes, dear Alia, it's very beautiful and there are many of those rocks in the sea.

    In reality is it much more beautiful than on that photo.

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