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Lemon cake

Made by myself, today. 

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  • You are an artist Rose.

    • Thanks, babai. I do the best I can.


  • Miss/Mrs. Bossona Please ready  our tea and coffe , I and Rose Iris are coming with our cakes to your lounge . Do not tell this to the others ..

    • Hahah.. welcome )))

  • You know, Rose, I wouldn't dare to eat that, 'cause I would destroy your beautiful decoration. :-D Thanks for sharing!!

    • Hi, NotAClue. 

      You can eat the decoration, too. Nobody will say then you have destroyed it.

       My family doesn't care about destroying it, they eat it as quickly as possible...haha.

      • WHAT?? Barbarians! ;-))) 
        Nah, kidding, I'm sure nobody can resist it because of all the love you put in there. :-D

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