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Día de Muertos

As a non-Mexican, Dia de Muertos was one of the things I find the most interesting about the Mexican culture.
How death is romantizised and celebrated. I know some European cultures celebrate Halloween, but to me it seems they have different roots. Halloween's roots seem to me a lot more interesting than the modern celebration, too.
In my country, we do not culturally celebrate this day, although people from different religions go to their respective churches or temples to remember their loved ones. But we do not have this whole party, with food, flowers, colors and symbols. I find it pretty to experience.
This is a picture of my first Dia de Muertos with copal incence.

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  • I didnt know ppl celebrate such things..  its interesting, must confess..  

    Btw. you decorated table nicely..  that guy who enjoy cigarette reveal  special charm of celebrating :) 

  • I wonder..... What is something beside the plates (each plate)?


  • Adriano, stai atento! What are you getting at? The lady is my friend. Thanks, Ishtar for sharing.

  • Thank for your detailed information . I hope to be one of your friends. Thank You.. Hasta Pronto

    • LOL, Adriano. That is not your sentence. D D 

      • Oneee)))

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