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guess what is in the middle

I will give three guesses for you to know what is in the middle of the big plate?
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  • I can not guess but I am very hungry

  • Oops! Ashi, main boolgiya, that was not soup. It's a dish called marsah. We use it in Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Thanks again!

  • Nahi nahi, Ashi, main kana banata nahi janta. This food was made by my wife. I know how to boil or fry eggs or make tea, that's all. Thanks Ashi.

  • i think soup 

    did u cook 

  • White Knigh, main boolgiya, main nahi pata ke sei o cheez! I know how to boil or fry eggs, sometimes I make tea. That's all. Thanks, White Knight for your nice comment!

  • Mahadsinid Camel! It's made of flour, honey, bananas, and fat. it is eaten at the beginning of the meal, although it's sweet. People here call it marsah or Hali. It's eaten in Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Thanks Camel

  • whatever that might be , seems amazing , you are a good cook as always 

  • We call it marsah! Thank you all for your participation!

  • What is going on? After all these clues, no one can guess what on that big dish? It's not that difficult if you google it or ask anyone who lives in any one of those two countries.

  • Shookrun Adel. Kanat luziza bshukl! After eating this dish, you don't need to have dinner. You might drink milk or juice. Thanks Adel!
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