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Birth of EC

This is Exhibit 1 in the museum :) This is the computer on which was born, in 1997. It was a Compaq (Presario 5220). In those days of course everything was dial-up, and it took forever to upload photos. Audio hardly existed on the Web, and video even less so, if at all (can't remember).
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  • I like the words "it took forever to upload photos..." :D

    Thank you so much for sharing this historical object, Sir. ^^

  • This photo reminds me of my first computer. The time is running, and the IT developments are fast.
    When I started working at IT in 1968, it was called Electronic Data Processing, and we had to deal with Punched cards and perforated strips.
    At that time we couldn't imagine things like the internet and social networks. It was just science fiction.
    Nowadays, I can't imagine being without it.
    Besides personal benefits, it brings together people from around the world.
    You are the developer of EC.
    EC is a great place for English learners and native English speakers.
    We have here in EC many opportunities to learn, to communicate, to share stories and experiences. Thanks, Mr. Essberger.

  • Thank you so much to get us this plat form to learn English by communicating with the ppl all over the world.This is one of the best site to learn`English...

  • :)

  • Omg, I wonder if it has at least one gigabyte of memory:) Good job Mr. Josef! Thank you! I really like this MyEC site! I regret that I didn't join MyEC earlier!

  • Mr. Josef,

    This is epic picture. How much things has developed since then, very thoughtful somehow.
  •   Thank u for sharing  the history  of this wonderful site with us  :)

  • A good souvenir to remind us of the huge empire of Mr. Essberger. My brother, engineer Khalid used to have one like it. 

  • Wow that's the same month when I joined here :) Really good to know :) Thanks

  • July 1997

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