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Hi friends,

sometimes, life threw you in un predicatable situations, which you really wanted to deal with in good but ultimately, was not successded. For me, I had been in JOB interview which i was suddenly caught up in nerverous ness due to this, interview performed horrible. 

I knew some answers but could not perform well and ended up bad. I haven't yet heard anything from them but I believe, it will not come positive call. thus, I slipped in depression which just come out today morning by elborating my self that competition has to be with ME vs ME.

whatever i was yesterday, today, I'm better than that and never compare yourself. to make insult of me if I start to compare myself with any one else. So, now, I'm glad to be have blessed life. Again, stand to fight with myself and work out hard to get overcome of my weaknessess.


What's about you!!! 



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Hello everyone, in today fresh morning, while I started my day, some words caught my attention that “People are bound to them in conditional thoughts which are not goanna them come out from that illusion and they ended up at the last”.  Sounds like more realistic.

Yeah, for me, it is very true as some thoughts come from conscious mind which we focus on and working for that and some others falls in Unconscious mind which we never realize to work on.

Then, one more I got felling about that, Is it not mind the same work as programed? Like, programmer has built source code with given some conditions like “If, ellif, else” so it returns value as per client will give input so, this great god has also given us opportunities and fitted programs  with those type code we only need to behave and changed conditional habits and definitely will ended up as per desired result.

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Today is everyday.

Hello everyone,

Everyday comes with new opportunities, challanges, tasks, and adventures in which we need to choose and re-act as what our intitution says about. I feel so many times, like if something has not happened in some way then thinking about what was reason behind that and ended up no conculsion. it gives me bad felling and then to overcome from that but HOW? so, again get motivated in another way like listening positive enery songs, reading something better for a while and ready for next task!!! 

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Caring for Love


All need to looking someone special in life , one special person has to be, who really like to care of you. Whenever we met with that loved once, our new excited journey starts and life takes a new twist , we start to look special for that new lovely person and want to more prepare well dressed.

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