Hi friends,

sometimes, life threw you in un predicatable situations, which you really wanted to deal with in good but ultimately, was not successded. For me, I had been in JOB interview which i was suddenly caught up in nerverous ness due to this, interview performed horrible. 

I knew some answers but could not perform well and ended up bad. I haven't yet heard anything from them but I believe, it will not come positive call. thus, I slipped in depression which just come out today morning by elborating my self that competition has to be with ME vs ME.

whatever i was yesterday, today, I'm better than that and never compare yourself. to make insult of me if I start to compare myself with any one else. So, now, I'm glad to be have blessed life. Again, stand to fight with myself and work out hard to get overcome of my weaknessess.


What's about you!!! 



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  • Indeed, it's always ME vs ME. One has to strive to become a better version of themselves. Take lesson from mistakes and move on in life with more confidence and experience. 

  • Viral, main nahi pata  lekin it is better to be sure of ourselves. Embarrassing situations are always there. It is necessary to direct ourselves to the right ways.

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