Hello everyone, in today fresh morning, while I started my day, some words caught my attention that “People are bound to them in conditional thoughts which are not goanna them come out from that illusion and they ended up at the last”.  Sounds like more realistic.

Yeah, for me, it is very true as some thoughts come from conscious mind which we focus on and working for that and some others falls in Unconscious mind which we never realize to work on.

Then, one more I got felling about that, Is it not mind the same work as programed? Like, programmer has built source code with given some conditions like “If, ellif, else” so it returns value as per client will give input so, this great god has also given us opportunities and fitted programs  with those type code we only need to behave and changed conditional habits and definitely will ended up as per desired result.

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  • Have you heard a saying that ''God gives gives gives & forgives. Man gets gets gets & forgets. So, be thankful to life''.Like that I think we all should thakful to life. Anyway I agree with your view about Mind & Program. Programming isn't easy and Choosing opportunities also isn't  easy. If we chose the wrong condition, we ll able to make another program again. Have a good day...!

  • That's true most of our behaviors are a result of today's modern idiom
    "programming "
    Or let me say the power of habits . We should train ourselves to get used to do certain things that might improve our daily lives . It has been said as well , that in order to get a certain habit or get used to it you must do it for 22 days . At the end what we are standing up now is a result of certain habits . These habits might be made by our own efforts or planted in us by our families , friends , society or many other factors .
    I first encountered the word " programming " In college and I laughed a lot , when I first hears . I thought that our professor was making a joke , by describing one of my colleagues as a programmed student .

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