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Film doctrine In Your Life

I often watched drama film primarily about relationships. The story line of the film usually is very good, creative, and it makes sense that I felt that the movie was like the real in my real life. Because the film so similar in real life, I was to be moved, excited and curious when watching the film. Curiosity is what hooked to instill a sense of want and want to watch the next film.Generally film series tells us the story of a happy loving relationship, friendship, infidelity, seizure girlfriend, etc.

Over time I think why this film can indoctrinate my life, until I was incited to imitate life as in that drama film.Waw I extraordinary means the film can affect my real life. I sometimes become fearful and worried if the storyline in the film become a reality, I even feel this drama film is worse than a horror film. If it happens in my real life about the romance and happiness that does not matter, but what if that happens infidelity, seizure girlfriend, certainly I don’t want it because it can be heartbreaking to me.

The point that i want to say is I am not intending to ban watching the movie drama. But we must more correction ourself, so that what is good in the film that we must do it. But if the film teaching and doctrine us become a bad boy or a bad girl or show the bad life, we must don’t do it. The last one that I want say we must to be ourself, because we have a unique way of life and have been planned by God.

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Durian is Coming !!!

December is usually the season of durian in Palangkaraya. I am very happy because durian is my favorite fruit. The very famous and tasty durian is the durian kasongan or also often called durian “Katingan”. Being a satisfaction if you got a thick fruit and the seeds were very small. I remembered when my mother told me a story that my mother had ever been under a durian tree, and one of the fruits fell on her head making it bleeding. Just listening to her story was terrible especially when imagined in real life.

Usually durian is sold precisely at roadside or sidewalk. Currently there are only a few people who sell durian so the price is still very high. I hope that more and more are selling durian, so the price can be competitive and more affordable. Welcome durian.

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Palangkaraya Mall Become a Hotel

This time I will discuss the first mall Palma which is the only mall that is located in Central Kalimantan. According to the history I read, this mall was once a cinema Panala. After the cinema was closed, then place into a mall is planned in which the investor is the Sandalwood. But due to the monetary crisis, the construction of this mall had been halted. This mall has been eagerly awaited for more than 10 years. In 2004 began the renovation of the palm to expand the building, but it still would not go formalized into a mall may be constrained as a result of at least investors. Finally, on 14 April 2007 Palma which has been renovated inaugurated by Central Kalimantan Governor Agustin Teras Narang. I remember at the time of when the first time opening the mall, there are hundreds or even thousands of people who come from the city or county in Central Kalimantan to the mall this Palma. So many people came to used escalator in the mall palm, then can not walk and eventually damaged by overload. The prices provided in this Palma mall can be above the average price in general.

At first just Mall of Palma was popular and frequently visited by the public. But since 2014 enthusiasts who want to visit the Mall is becoming increasingly less. This may be due to compete with Matahari Department Store which opened in Megatop Town Square. There are many visitors in Palma mall, but be sure the goal is only to watch the movies at Cinema 21, it is also in search of food and playing games. Because fewer visitors coming, the Mall owner of this change Palma when previously Mall became a hotel. In my opinion the mall Palma should be able to withstand the competitors who come, perhaps in a way to cheapen the rental price, so the price is also cheaper. It is also possible because the land is less extensive, so that investors can invest in the mall.According to my opinion, conversion the mall become a hotel is a creative idea to handle the less visitor. Hopefully with this hotel can attract domestic and foreign tourists to visit the Central Kalimantan.

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I was born in Palangkaraya, the city where I live is very beautiful. According Palangkaraya marching songs or in Mars Palangkaraya, the city is known as a beautiful city (kota cantik). As long as I stay in Palangkaraya, I feel that what were written as the lyrics of the song are true. Palangkaraya city as a beautiful city because I admit girls in this city are pretty, hehehe.. But since the state fire attack (likely film avatar), Palangkaraya city that affected smog due to fires forest and land.

This smog is extremely detrimental to the citizens, such as citizen suffer from ISPA disease, which had visibility up to 10 m so there is no one plan flight and teaching and learning activities for students schools were closed. According to what I heard from the news on television the smog disaster is the most severe smog ever throughout history. An idea that the city of Palangkaraya is a beautiful city might turn into the city of smoke. According to my opinion, this smog was intentional by elements who are not responsible. These elements want to clear land quickly by burning the land. It is also possible to burn the land can reduce the cost of clearing land. I am very sad and feel why the disaster smog come to our city, but it's not us that burn this land I think I want to catch the person who set burn to the land, but I can not because there is no strong evidence and not be able to catch those responsible. Now I am grateful for a disaster of this smog is gone and passed.

Rain has gone down in the beautiful town of Palangkaraya, so that the fire has been extinguished and the smog is gone. Rain coming down so heavy and accompanied by high winds that knocked down the tower of PLN. As a result of electricity to be extinguished until the time can not be determined. Actually I've been grateful to have been raining, but I also feel sad because it turned out to have an impact on power outages. When I look at a social media, there is someone who has opinions, “better the smoke thicker than power outages”. I do not agree with that opinion, because in my opinion yes it was let alone outage important lsitrik smog has been lost. From this overall I remain grateful for what God has planned, probably through this ordeal makes us become more patient and strong. I hope that this incident does not happen again and that the elements repent.

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Thank You My Father

Today is Father's Day. 7 years ago my father passed away and now he must be staying in heaven happily. I can only miss the presence of father figure in my life. I remember the first time in my childhood my father bought me a toy at Bundaran Besar Palangkaraya. I was very surprised and happy for this opportunity because it very rarely occurred and even only happened once in my life. My father was a very intelligent man in my life, I remember when I was in grade 5 elementary school when I forgot to do my homework, my father certainly helped to teach me how to do my homework. My father would not give an immediate answer from my homework, but my father taught me how to hard work and try to finish everything according to own ability.

My father was a firm figure in my life. One time when I was fighting with my sister, my father who actually was taking a rest, suddenly came to arbitrate us and then scolded us and punished us. I'm sure my father loved me very much, but my father did not know how to express it. I could feel his love through his real actions, his caring and his assertiveness. Happy Father’s Day Bapa, you are always be in my heart and I will never forget you in my life. Thank you Bapa, I love you and I miss you bapa...

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