Durian is Coming !!!

December is usually the season of durian in Palangkaraya. I am very happy because durian is my favorite fruit. The very famous and tasty durian is the durian kasongan or also often called durian “Katingan”. Being a satisfaction if you got a thick fruit and the seeds were very small. I remembered when my mother told me a story that my mother had ever been under a durian tree, and one of the fruits fell on her head making it bleeding. Just listening to her story was terrible especially when imagined in real life.

Usually durian is sold precisely at roadside or sidewalk. Currently there are only a few people who sell durian so the price is still very high. I hope that more and more are selling durian, so the price can be competitive and more affordable. Welcome durian.

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  • I mean best yummy fruit
  • Look so great n so delicious Stefani. I love durian n it's smell. But there r some people who don't like n don't know how to eat it.I watched a video on YouTube, 4 man was tasting durian. They tried to eat a small piece of it. But all vomited all after that. But to me, it's the beat yummy fruit.
  • @Mohammad: Come to Indonesia and you will taste it :)

  • @elen: No, that was not hedgehogs. That name is Durian or Kingfruit. The taste is very very delicious, the content is soft and the taste can be sweet or bitter. :)
    Come here to Indonesia, you will taste Durian..

  • @dara gino: Come here to Palangkaraya, i will give you some durian's skin too. Hehe :)

  • @noaslpls: Yeahh I love durian too :)
    From the previous comment explaining there are some who can not stand because not comfortable with the durian's smell, then there also because it can cause stomach become hot.

  • @Blessing: Come here to Palangkaraya, i will give you some durian's skin. Hehe :)

    I'm sorry i forgot to describe why i told durian "kasongan" or "katingan". Kasongan or katingan is a town not far from Palangkaraya, roughly the distance is 60 km.

    Waw I just knew that durian's skin is very useful for shoe rat away from our rice field and kill the leech.

    Thank you very much, i must learning to be a good writer's blog.. :)

  • @mitran: Does the baby was not intoxicated and safe when eating a lot of durian? :)

  • @Expector Smith: I'm sorry late to reply your comment..
    Maybe can be called "ladyrian", because lady like durian :)
     Thank you very much for your advice, i will correction again my blog.. 

  • Then good for you dear Stefani !, I haven't tried it yet.
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